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  • Bye bye, dishonest boyfriend.
  • Goodbye boyfriend.... why would you even want to be with a guy who secretly receives a wedding band from his ex? He obviously isnt over her... so have some pride and tell him to hit the road and dont show him any tears and dont whatever you do call him or beg him back.. be strong, your better than this.
  • i'd personally break up the relationship. you don't want to draw conclusions without exhibiting the evidence to him.. see what he says.. if he says something that sounds truthful, then i'm sure it must be a misunderstanding.. but if he all of a sudden has a brainfart and is unable to make a valid excuse.. then it's obvious he's having a relationship with her.
  • i would confront him calmly in an area that you two have complete privacy and time to discuss the issue..if the relationship means a lot to you then i would hear out his side to why he's done what he's his reactions..if he over reacts in anger..that could be a bad sign..let him know how you feel though...good luck
  • 1-21-2017 Mind your own business. It's his ring, not yours.
  • Nothing. Ignore it.
  • that does sound weird

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