• 4-2-2017 You can't just assume that everybody knows what you are talking about. The truth is, most of us are as stupid as you, except we happen to know some things and you happen to know different things. So if you want a straight answer you have to explain your question well enough for us to look up an answer. A lot of materials are used to make microchips. "Best" does not mean anything. Everything has to be perfect.
  • I thought chips were made of silicone. (hence "Silicone Valley")
    • Jewels Vern
      Silicon is an element. Silicone is a particular kind of compound with a chain of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. Microchips are made of a silicon crystal with various doping elements and metals.
  • Potatoes, corn, tortilla... oh and chocolate, butterscotch and mint,for the cookies, you see...

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