• enough for three days.
  • 1 or 2 pairs of pajamas, 4 shirts, 5 pairs of underwear and a pair of pajamas, because my bf insists i wear pajamas to bed.
  • 3 days 3 clothes
  • It depends on your destination. 3 days in the tropics is different than 3 days in a northern or mountain area. Better to have what you need than not enough,.
  • I'm used to packing light, very light. One extra pair of pants. Two shirts Two sets of underwear Travel size shampoo and such One extra pair of shoes. You only need to plan for two days, because the first day you do leave home dressed...I hope... LOL That's the basics. Now add the specific items you will need for your particular vacation: bathing suit, etc. Done!
  • Depending on what I plan on doing, and if i'm travelling on day 1, or 0, and day 3, or 4 3 pairs of underwear (less if I'm just going to hang out at the beach- in which case, pack swim trunks), a pair of pants, 3 'good' shirts + undershirts, OR 1 microfiber t-shirt (again, depending on what I'm doing during the vacation), a pair of shoes (if I plan on walking alot) hmm, that should cover it... protip: WEAR the biggest pair of shoes you want to bring with
  • almost all the space in the suitcase.
  • 3 day outfits 3 night outfits 1 extra outfit 2 pj's
  • My husband and I can both pack in a medium sized duffel bag and bring enough clothes to do many things casually dressed. If we have to dress up once, it will take a garment bag and then we're packed. We love going as light as possible.
  • About four to five outfits.

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