• My guess is that there's not enough roughage (fiber) in your diet - maybe too much meat and dairy - or maybe you're dehydrated. You didn't mention how long this has been going on, but if it continues after you change your diet you should go see your doctor.
  • Have you been taking pepto-bismol? Pepto can cause this. If not I would see a G.I doc pronto!
  • pls do not misunderstand me.. but to me it much seems a constipation... here are some home remedies for hemroids which mich might be of some help.. try it.. and see whether it works or not.. well i believe there is no harm in giving a try.. All the best .
  • It's probably constipation so see if it will get better by putting more fibre in your diet. If that doesn't help, see a doctor pronto.

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