• My husband and I have been sorta trying to get pregnant, for about 5 months we have been having unprotected intercourse with hopes me might get pregnant. Well Anyways, My question.. I had my period last month, it was regular as always. Well its been 2 weeks sense my last period and Two days ago I went to the restroom and there was light blood, and some light brownish black spotting in my underwear.It's lasted 2 days and there is very very light pink blood this morning, I havent had to use panty liners or anythings becuase its so light.I am wondering what this is. The color is a light pink, and almost brownish pink. I am not expecting my period until the 13th of this month. What could this be? This was the full question sorry.
  • This could be due to any number of reasons and without a check-up by your doctor, none can be confirmed. It could be residue, the result of things getting stirred up from sex, too rough of sex or from where your husband has hit a tender spot. It could be a sign of infection or other serious issues. It could be anything from nothing at all. A pregnancy cannot be confirmed online and symptoms vary from woman to woman. I would see your doctor and also discuss with him the desire your husband and you have to have a baby. Good luck!

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