• Because the origins are from Africa I suppose. I think it's pretty dumb though. There are plenty of black people that are born in America and they are still considered African-American. It seems to happen to a lot of "minorities".
  • Decendents i suppose.
  • they couldn't pick out of african or american, so they put em both together :) they woulda put european in there too if they had the chance ;) just kiddn ;) haven't gone completely mad just yet :)
  • I don't know...I never use that term.
  • Because you (assuming that you are what most people would call black) are an American citizen with African heritage. White people are called _____ Americans less frequently because it is harder to tell ethnic background by looking at a white person. Plus the US was founded by white people, not Africans.
  • Because of your heritage maybe? What would you like us to call you? I'll gladly respect your wishes.
  • What is the correct term to call a dark skin person? I just use the term African American because I don't know what the P/C term is.
  • I just consider you american, as thats where you were born.:-)+
  • Why am I considered Caucasian when I have never been anywhere near the Caucus Mountains?
  • I don't have a clue, Zack. It's hard to keep up with that stuff. My son informed me a few weeks ago that I should no longer use the word "oriental", but rather say Asian American. He said it is now considered offensive. He**'s bells, it's really hard for an old lady like me to keep up with how things change. I consider you my you want me to think of you as black? Dark-skinned? I'm of Armenian descent, born in Michigan. I have olive skin and dark eyes. I think of myself as a female American "of a certain age". I guess it is an attempt to be politically correct but who's the boss anyway? Who makes these calls? Does anyone know or do we just all act like bobble-head dolls and follow whoever is dropping breadcrumbs! :(
  • You don't have to be. I say everyone who is a citizen here is American. I'm wondering if people from South Africa who are white who live here are called African Americans.
  • It doesn't make sense to me, either.

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