• Not at all! A little hard work and a smile goes a long way =)
  • no you're doing what you want to do and screw who thinks that way
  • No! It's not wrong at all! You're paying for goods and service and most times you're not getting it. These careless workers make what could be a fairly good meal and a pleasant experience into a messy affair and an awful experience. At McDonalds all you have to do is pop open your Big Mac container to immediately notice the greasy fingerprints on your bun, chopped lettuce spewing out everywhere, beef patties carelessly thrown into the sandwich, etc, etc, etc. It's a pity that what could be a fairly tasty burger turns into something you eat with reservations, and only because you already paid for it.
  • Having worked in fast food (I lasted a whopping two weeks), I remember being 18 years old, burning myself for the umpteenth time that day at the fry cooker and thinking "WHY am I not selling drugs?" I'm sorry... but fast food work SUCKS, and you're too busy being pushed around to have TIME to be proud of yourself for anything.
  • The pay is so low, and the workers get treated with disrespect, so it's hard for them to muster up a good attitude.
  • Young people always think part time job is a temporary fast buck affair with no commitment at all. Training them to learn that they owe their customers quality products and services is actually doing them a favor to cultivate them into responsible and caring citizen.Money is not everything but to learn to take up pride in their job even how small it is will teach them to appreciate the satisfaction from doing the right thing.
  • funny you should ask, I am heading back to my job because I was lucky enough to work at a McD's that had managers who appreciated a hard worker. I miss smiling at my customers, helping them any way I could, and even sneeking out into lobby to check on them. though we have great people here, when I was a teenager it was not so, and I still worked my heart out. Customers can easily tell the difference between bad management and lazy workers, sometimes, they are unfortunate to get both, but at least when I had bad management in the past, they always knew I was trying my best for them. I always felt I should, after all, they chose to spend their money for me to serve them or cook their food, and I would be ticked if I didn't get treated well.
  • No! It is NOT to much to expect a worker to take pride in his job, even if it's the most menial task. My sentiments are this: If you're so disgusted with your "terrible" PAYING job, either better yourself to be able to work in a better-paying job, or live on the street. Not to sound like an insensitive ass, but the beautiful thing about America is that we can choose the jobs we work. If you don't like it, don't choose it.
  • no. It's funny cause I asked a ? last week on here to almost this same thing. I was in a grocery store and asked help out with groceries and the cashier treated me like crap (I am disabled and was in severe pain ..I couldn't even walk). I don't know if it's a generational thing with young people today in that they are not taught ethics and hard work or they just don't just give a shit but it's a shame cause without customers they would have no job and I think they forget that..If they all got paid in tips then maybe attitudes would be different. I know they work hard and sometimes customers are a pain in the ass but when i had a job at 18, 19.. there is NO WAY I would have treated a customer like employees do today..for one, back then, my employer would have fired me on the spot but I think today it's all about money.. as long as they get the money, who cares if customers are satisfied
  • i dont think so

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