• They were taught when they were young, that they should cover your body, and not show it to people, unless they are copulating. Usually a religious upbring.
  • I wouldn't say we're afraid of being naked. We've just been brought up with more conservative values than most of the world. One must remember that the United States was founded by people who held their religions in very high esteem. Indeed, most of the first settlers were among the most puritanical (indeed, the Puritans were among them). It's only been in the last century or so that atheism/agnosticism has taken firm root in the US, but even those of us who do not embrace religion have been influenced by the religious ideals, among which is your standard nakedness taboo.
  • Are we? I am only afraid of being caught naked locked out of my house in the winter....(wink).
  • There are some things nobody needs to see;)
  • Criticism.
  • we're not, thats the problem
  • unfortunately i think it's the other way around these days
  • I have wondered that myself. We do seem a bit uptight about it. I guess everyone is afraid that there will be fornicating in the streets if skin shows. Good grief.
  • in the Netherlands people can be naked in their gardens
  • We have no idea,all of our ladies love to be in the buff!!(*Sorry guys they're all taken)
    • Rick Myres
      Who took em and what type of camera did they use?
  • In the beginning, the Lord God made us to be naked. We are made in His image and never meant to be covered. We are beautifully made, He said so. Our bodies are to glorify the Lord God and Jesus Christ. The Serpent (Satin) changed all this. Satin hates the glory of the Lord God and manipulated Adam and Eve to cover His glory. Clothing should not be worn today except as protection from cold or dangerous conditions. The Puritans were not really that modest if you study their history but like most Americans today they tried to cover their morality with lies. Today the church has lied so long (telling a lie long enough people believe it) they have falsely made nudity a sin. Being naked is not immoral but the church has made it so. Lust turned into covetousness has been promoted by the church for far too long yet claiming it to be sinful. The Lord God is 100% pro-nudity but the church doesn't want you to know this. Start being naked in your home, including the kids, and you will soon learn how comfortable and unsexual it will soon become. The body, created by the Lord God, is not sinful if uncovered. Everyone is beautiful in His eyes only society has made the body shameful to see.
    • we are dough 68
      Even Jocelyn Wildenstein ?
    • Linda Joy
      The Lord God MADE THE CLOTHES TO COVER THEM!! But I guess its like you say "telling a lie long enough people believe it" including you!
    • Thinker
      The Lord God made them clothing because when He removed them from the Garden they would be subject to the elements outside the Garden. It wasn't just to cover their genitals.
  • not sure why
  • Why do you make stuff up and pretend its true? Where is your source that documents this assertion? Where is the survey or the study that was conducted and the results? kool is NOT cool! Neither is perpetuating falsehoods.
  • they nnight be shy about it
  • It's probably not a good idea to generalize. Not all Americans are afraid or ashamed. I think many of us would not have had kids if that were the case.
  • There are a whole lot of physically dirty people in this world. People who don't take a bath. Really obese people who can't bathe, who can't reach the important places. Do you really want all that...filth...airborne so you can breathe it in? I say let them keep it covered, I don't want any more smells or bacteria floating my way than necessary. No offense meant.

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