• Exercise more and go on a diet
  • well you should run run your little heart out, i used to be chubby as a kid, now i run every day and it slims you down, if you want your thighs to be smaller i sugest running alot, walking really doesnt do anything, you shouldpick a run that is a chalange (hills are way better for you) and try to run that route in a certain time, and you should do that every day if possible, or every other day, but just try to beat your last time so you dont slack off diet wise, less fat intake, and more healthy foods such as potatoes and veggies, fruits and meat oh and if you notice a slight increase in weight when you 1st start dont worry it happes but run run run and you should slim your legs down
  • Your legs might be very muscular, like mine. I walk and bike great distances, leg press 500 lb up to 30 reps. This is the machine's heaviest setting, and sometimes think it's too light. I would be delighted to find a leg press that goes over 1000 lb, or even 2000.
  • I'm not an expert on female anatomy but I did do a quick search. I'd also watch what you eat and drink. Cut out all sodas and substitute it with water. Try eating 5 to 6 times a day with smaller portion meals, add more fruits and vegetables into your daily consumption. If you don't feel like watching how you eat then just cut out all carb sodas. Its real tough at first but you can get pretty use to it and in the long run it does wonders. When I started drinking water only (with the exception of supper time) I got addicted to it and now I can't stop drinking it. I eat apples and will sometime consume a carrot when I'm only slightly hungry, just wanna relax and gobble somethin up while watching tv or surfing the web. I'm a guy and I walk 2 miles about 3 times a week and my thighs are in pretty good shape. Get focused and motivated, set a goal and do some surfing on the web if you get confused or feel down, Good luck!
  • I have big thighs too. First thing, you're not alone, it's very common....Hayden Penatire (sp) lots of people are pear shaped, so you need to accept that and know thats it very pretty. Accept your shape, its better to have a waiste then thin legs anyway. Bicycling on low resistance is your best dont want to do any squats or lunges, they build muscle. The walking and running that you do sounds good, keep it up especially the jogging. When you lose weight you will lose it all over, including your thighs. Just keep it up.
  • you could try losing some weight and see if that helps

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