• I think people have been incredible oversold on CFLs, and too little information is available as to the ecological footprint of their creation and disposal, not to mention the fact that the energy lost in traditional bulbs is an efficient source of heat in many colder regions. In short, I think the benefit of such an act would be almost nil, and it may in fact prove harmful.
  • I think it is a start. CFLs do reduce the amount of energy used to produce light. They last longer than standard light bulbs. They produce less heat than do regular light bulbs. They lack a nice look - by that I don't mean they are ugly, I mean that the light spectrum is not generally "warm". It is rather cool. Also, they don't always work well in lights that are on dimmer switches. Other than that, I think they rock. I have yet to need to change one - and I switched to CFLs 2 years ago. Even the parrots get CFL bulbs for full spectrum lighting...

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