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  • If you think you will have trouble telling him to park in front ofr his own property, then take legal matters. Try taking pictures first as proof.
  • You could just start parking your own car in front of your house -- see what happens then -- maybe the neighbor will find a different place to park, and forget about that perfect spot in front of your house. But if you want your neighbor to simply change his parking habits, I'd approach this issue as slowly and gracefully as possible... how well do you know your neighbors? Get to know them as well as you can, find out if there's a reason he parks there, and think of ways you can approach him about your issue. Does the neighbor's son have a schedule? Try to make that your time of tending to things in the front of your house. At some point, you should feel safe enough to discuss with the neighbor's son why it bothers you that he parks in front of your house. If you have reasonable cause to be bothered by it, he might try to park somewhere else. re: comments re: rude rude rude ... yes maybe the neighbor is rude, but right now you are assuming that the neighbor is rude. The neighbor could also be ignornant, or inconsiderate. Regardless the conditions, it always best to treat neighbors kindly -- being indignant about rudeness is a very easy way to make an enemy of a neighbor, I can't think of reason why it would be useful to fuel a fire like this and making an enemy of a neighbor. Also -- you are assuming the person lives in a place like a suburb where there's plenty of parking for visitors -- what if this is happening in San Francisco, where the chance of finding a parking spot in front of your house is 0 in some neighborhoods? You just don't have enough info to judge this neighbor.
  • My neighbors do the same thing.We tried parking there first to give a hint, but that doesn't work. They still do it. We've had a car in front for 5 days now. We put a note on it to "please move" so we can use the space in front of our home and they have ignored it. I am in the same situation as you. I know how you feel. You don't want to cause fights, but why are they doing it in the first place? Why don't they care to begin with? It shouldn't be the other way around.
  • I had the same problem, my neighbor's one visitor(rather older gentleman)kept on parking in front of our house. Sure it makes you mad, but you do not say, or do anything about it in hope that eventually one day it will stop. Unfortunately they can not read our thoughts and don't know how much it bothers us. And that is why I had to approach it in a more offensive way(than just waiting out). I waited until the neighbor's visitor was leaving and getting into his car. I went straight to him. Our neighbor was there too, in front of our house next to the car, acting like nothing was going on. With a calm but certain tone I explained that my visitors do not park in front of their house and I do not wish theirs to park in front of mine either. I also said that I would understand if all the parking spots in front of their house were taken, but since none of them was, there's no way they have a reason to block our house. Well she didn't like to hear it, she might have thought I was completely rude. Who cares though as long as they don't park in front of my house anymore? : ))
  • My neighbor has done this for years. I have asked them many times to move their car, but they keep parking there. When another neighbor is parking across the street from them, I call the Police and say their car has been there all week and hasn't moved (it just sits there 24/7 for weeks straight). If two cars are parked across from each other it is "illegal" because a fire truck can't get through, at least in neighborhoods in our town / state. It's a public road, so legally there really isn't anything you can do unless there is another car parking across the street, which only helps temporarily. rude rude rude says it best
  • Surely does it matter? I can not park in front of my house, and have to walk to it. As long he is not parking in front of your driveway or your garage, it proberly isnt illegal.
  • Just jimmy the door and insert one rabid racoon.
  • You can't say anything, it's legal. And if you do, all it will do is piss them off and your troubles will just begin. I've been there, done that. What i did, is start parking my car in front of their house. But they slashed my tires and scratched up the paint. People are assholes everywhere you go today.
  • I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect that if you have company, that the space in front of our house should be available for them to park. Unless the space in front of your neighbors' house is occupied, it is plain as day rude to park in front of yours. I would try to do as the other commentor suggested in speaking directly to the driver of the car and if not, report the car to the HOA.
  • I asked my nieghbor to stop parking in front of my house, and now he parks there on purpose to piss me off! He parks right in the middle so I can't park in front of my own house anymore. This has been going on for over a year. He's just an asshole. And the car he parks there is a run down truck he never uses. It doesn't move for weeks and makes my house look like Sanford & Son. It's a form of harrassment, but he legally can park there. I call parking when he's there more than three days. Right now his truck has been there for 10 days straight--and parking has not done a thing! Also, in his driveway is another van that has been on cinder blocks rotting the whole time I have lived here. If he would just remove that, he would be able to store his truck on his property. It's so frustrating to finally be a homeowner, only to find myself neighbors to someone like this.
  • Why don't you start parking in front of your house? Then he'll have to start parking in front of his house. After a while, he should get used to the routine. Then you can start parking back in your garage or wherever you park now. Once you do that, if he starts parking in front of your house again, ask him if he can keep the space open for you... say it's been a lot easier for you recently to unload stuff when you get back to your house when you can park in front.
  • this is a very old question........good luck.
  • After you try all this nice good neighbor crap do this: Go out in the middle of the night and put the car up on blocks (remove ALL four tires) and stack the tires and rims UNDAMAGED on their front porch if it doesn't work the first time do it again but this time take your blocks back!
  • This is one of those issues that drives me crazy. Yes, I know the street in front of my house is not "mine" legally, but common courtesy would dictate that if you have room in front of your own house, park there, not in front of mine. If you have a party or whatever and lots of guests attend, then sure, the street is up for grabs. It's just one of those unwritten rules of living in a neighborhood. We have two new neighbors. The guy across the street would park directly in front of our house, in spite of the fact that he had NO cars in front of his own, and could easily fit two vehicles there. It was pure laziness on his part. he didn't want to drive 100 feet down the street and make a u-turn. But this is the same guy (married with a kid) whose dad still comes over and mows the lawn for him, so that should give you a clue. Ironically, when his dad comes over to do his son's yard work, he parks in front of our house, too! Have scientist located the Inconsiderate Gene? For some reason, he started parking in front of his own home, so I didn't have to let the air out his tires or anything like that. :-) Then our new neighbors moved in next door. Here in Fremont, CA, it's quite common for about 17 Asian families to buy one house together and wedge themselves in to save on rent. And even though they have MORE curb frontage than we do, they insist on parking in front of our house. I could easily park 6 cars in front of their house, plus two in their driveway. But at least one of their 3 or 4 cars will end up in front of our house. This seems to evoke some sort of primitive territorial behavior in otherwise calm and rational humans, and my wife and I have been fuming. Also bear in mind that none of them seemed to speak English, so knocking on their door and asking them to leave seemed a little pointless. So tonight, we both parked our cars in front of our house on the curb, instead of our driveway like we always do (what a novel concept). Then one of their cars left, so just to try to teach them a lesson, I pulled my car forward a bit onto their side, leaving just about a car length between my car and my wife's. Guess what? 15 minutes later, the guy returns, and the dude parallel parks between our cars! I swear, there was only 24-inches in front and back of his car. I'm a good parker, and there's no way I would have attempted that move. I don't know how in the hell he shoehorned his car in there. But he did, and now we're really ticked. I had to assume he did it out of spite. So 30 minutes later, I'm putting stuff in the trunk of my car (with my butt touching the hood of his car. Honest), when the dude comes out and gets in his car. He looked like an Asian/ Caucasian mix, about 40 years old (I'm 53), so I guessed he might speak English. In spite of my non-confrontational nature, I walked up and tapped on his window, and he rolled it down. I said, "Boy, you sure wedged your car in here, didn't ya'? He said, "Yeah! It was really hard," as if he HAD to park there because it was the last spot on the street. Which it wasn't. I asked, "So why didn't you just park in front of your own house? He said, "Because there's no room." I batted my eyes in disbelief, then stepped back to look at all the space in front of his house. There were two cars there. "How about in front of that white car?" I asked. "That's on the corner!" he said in disbelief. Which was totally bogus. You could fit a stretch limo in front of that car before it reached the curve. And you could park one more limo around the corner, too, plus one more in his driveway. AND to make it even more unbelievable, the space between THEIR two cars was greater than the space between OUR two cars, but he chose the smaller space. In front of my house. So I was annoyed. After laughing in astonishment, I said, "My wife and I can't figure out why you guys can't park in front of your own house. You've got more room than we do, but you keep parking in front of our house. It's just common courtesy to park in front of your own house." He kinda babbled something, but it was obvious he had no clue what I was talking about, and he was probably more surprised and embarrassed than anything. So I just said, "Well, keep that in mind, okay. Thanks," and walked away. I never had any intention of having them all over for wine and sponge cake anyway, so I didn't worry that they might not speak to me again. They never spoke to me prior, either. No loss, really. And hopefully, they may learn some neighborhood common courtesy in the process. We'll see!! I guess my answer is this: if your neighbor appears to be a reasonable person, then try to get your point across in a calm discussion. After that, there's not a whole lot you can do. It's tempting to try retaliatory steps, such as letting the air out of their tires (I came close) or worse, but you risk (a) a war of escalation, or (b) doing something you will regret later, like when the cops show up at your door with that video footage your neighbor filmed on their security camera. Try to think of the long-term consequences before you act, then take action. Maybe even a kind note on their windshield would be a starting point. If they respond unfavorably, just drop it. It's not worth the battle, and you have no legal leg to stand on. There are many clueless, stupid, ignorant, inconsiderate and rude people out there, and most drive (and park) cars. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to live next to them. Frustrating, I know...
  • I don't think there is very much you can do. I have the same problem with one particular neighbor. They have a long driveway, have three cars, but park one directly in front of my house and leave if for days even though they know I park there. They park their other car in front of the next door neighbor's house and don't care if they would like to use their parking space. It's infuriating, the only thing you can do is have another car you can park there so they can't. It's not worth the aggravation thinking about it or thinking your neighbor will stop - best to not try to reason. Better to be calm and try to not to let it bother you. I think it bothers me the most because I try to be considerate and others just don't,
  • Legally nothing. The space in front of your house is City or Township poroperty and as such anyone who wants to park there can.
  • I would put some stuff in from of my house the time he returns ( like flowerpots or something) if i didn't want trouble. But if i were you.. i would want trouble xD
  • Get you own junk car and park it there next time they move. Then get another junk car and park it in front of their house and leave it there.
  • We have fought for our spot for years, some are nice when you ask them not too, others have said, you don't own the street, shut the F up...I've lived in this house all my life, Ive lived on the block longer than anyone, most "new neighbors" it takes a while. Kids, their parents have to tell them, so talk to the parents. If they get made, too bad. You should be able to park infront of your own house.
  • Well...the situation has escalated in regards to my neighbor parking in front of my house. He has put one of his cars in front of my house everyday for the past two months without exception. He parks in the middle taking up two spaces so I can't park there. He could pull back so we both can fit, but he goal is to NOT let me park there--in front of my own house! This morning he was up at 6:20am to switch the cars. He moves them frequently to avoid getting towed or ticketed, moving one out and another in its place. He's doing this because he knows I don't want his cars there, but the thinks it's his territory. Recently, I did take action: He has an inoperable van parked in his driveway, which is on cinder blocks and full of trash. It was last registered in 1990, so I guess it's been there for the past 18 years! I called city codes, and he was served with a notice last week to move it in 15 days or get a fine and go to court. He knows I did it (although I'll deny it till the end). And now he is staring at my house, sometimes for an hour at a stretch. He stands outside his house with his arms crossed glaring at my house (he lives across the street). And a few days ago he followed me in his car when I was walking my dogs. He's trying to be intimidating. When the city makes him move his van by this Saturday, and he doesn't choose to park his car there and stop parking in front of my house, I'm calling the city on his unpermitted structure he built in his backyard. He built an entire other house that's never been permitted! He's not too smart to be screwing with neighbors and having so many city violations on his property. By the way, it was another neighbor who tipped me off about the unpermitted stucture. I guess he doesn't have too many friends.
  • My wife & I have the same problem. The house next to us is a rental, and up to 6 people will be living there at any 1 time, each with their own car. So it is pointless to talk to any 1 person because who knows how long they'll be living there before they move out and someone else moves in and does the same thing? Our biggest problem is that we live in a winter climate, so when it gets down to -20 celcius or colder we need to have that spot in front of our house to plug our car in (we have no driveway or garage). I'm hoping they would realize that as well, but I have a bad feeling they will try to fit all 4 of their cars (they always park 2 on their parking pad) in front of their house or as close to it as possible, which will include in front of our house. And my wife, who drives our car (I always use the bus), works evenings and doesn't get home until after 9:00pm every night, so the neighbours are all usually home and parked by then. I guess we should have saved a little longer and bought a house with a garage or at least a driveway. This is what we get for wanting a bigger yard.
  • I have the same problem. But I am afraid that when we go out in our RV, when we come back? They will be in the way. These are NOT the owners but new renters. And about 6 ofem. This whole thing revolves around consideration,respect and maturity. However, they are lame when it comes to securing a internet network and I have access to 4 computers in their house. The war will begin. LOL
  • I'm going through the same thing. I have lived in an apartment my entire life, finally got a house at 43. My neighbors are about 5 kids under the age of 21. They have parties all day and night. Not only do there rowdy party guests park in front of my house, but they always make sure to leave a beer bottle or two in my road as well. I've started parking in front of my house every chance I get, and not in my driveway... hoping they'll just park in front of their own damn house. The truck parked in front right now belongs to a white trash girl who is constantly in her pajamas. She comes out to make cigarrette and beer runs, and if I'm lucky I am able to park there while she's gone. Living in a 'neighborhood' isn't near as nice as I thought it would be.
  • Stop bitching .I have ASSHOLE neighbors just like you.I pay my taxes and I can park anywhere I want just as they can.
  • here's a suggestion - every day the car is there reserve some crap toilet water, OR dog crap mixed with a little water and splash it on the car carefully so not to get any on yourself. Make sure to get it on the door handle and that there's enough to lave some residue so there's an obvious smell. Hopefully, they will think an animal has taken a liking to their vehicle and move it OR spend alot of time cleaning it. IF they are too stupid to notice at least you have the satisfaction that they are daily handling about the same amount of CRAP as they are putting out!!! IF you ever move away, let them know anonymously of course, that you heard about a neighbor so pissed about that car they they were literally CRAPPING on the car door handle daily. Maybe just maybe this will give the MORON a hint that not all revenge tactics have to be out in the open and common courtesy goes a LONG way. Sometimes silent is best and golden!
  • start parking there before he can until he gets the hint.
  • I had someone doing that so I went and cut their tires right in front of them, they knew I didn't like it but did it purposely. If you are not as bold just park your car in front of their driveway or so close to their car it makes them uncomfortable. Have a few parties, fill their piece of the street with cars.
  • It is absolutely legal to park on a public street. I actually think it is rude to expect people to park only in the area that you deem appropriate. Control issues at thier worst! By the way, I am a homeowner.
  • put nails all around the area, so when he parks his tires blow.
  • Do the paper work for a driveway. Big or small in a spot that will stop the from parking. If they block your driveway call the city and have them towed. Have the yellow marking at the max city code will let you. You can block your own driveway but they can't. If you have a 3x5ft space for parking, call it motorcycle parking. I live in Seattle and the best way I found is to have a big black man walk out the door and start smoking. The looks I get by saying have a nice day is the best, over 80% I say get back in and drive off.
  • These people don't care what you do, seems that as soon as you bring it to their attention the fight is on and makes you look as if you're the bad guy. I have a neighbor from hell he has parked his vehicle next to my driveway we let it go a few times. I called the code enforcement and gave him a citation well that has stopped. He has and still does throws nails on my driveway, puts his trash right next to my driveway, throws trash and rocks at my house, dog poop, food, broken glass on my driveway anything you can think of he has done it. He mainly does this in the morning (dawn) or late at night after 11:00 pm. We have called the police so many times that he lets it ride then starts all over again. I live in a convenient location but I am really tired of living with stupid people, he's defiantly has a mental problem. I have also seen him sell drugs from his house and so have a couple of other neighbors. Now he's using my driveway to make a turn so he can park in front of his house, there’s other driveway but I guess rather use mine I feel as if he wants to start a fight again. I've been dealing w/this jerk for over 20 years, I just push or sweep the trash over to his house or in front of his house. I just found out that he causes problems where ever he goes. It's not worth me wasting my energy, health or time on this idiot. He tries to act as if he's such a good neighbor to the ones he talks to but he's all fake. It's really hard to say if I ever decide to move will I have another neighbor like this one? He's a bully and that is that, he’s even threatening to beat up my 22 year old son. The police has it on record not to mention all the other incidents. Oh yeah he's also a peeping Tom, there's another neighbor who this jerk is messing with but not as bas as he does me. Any feed back?
  • If it is a public street ; there is NOTHING that you can say or do .... Start parking in front of their house all the time ; maybe they will get the hint ... +5
  • Here is my situation: I went home late last nite and there was no parking spaces in front of my rented house so I parked in front of my neighbor's house. And my neighbors (husband & wife) came out and told me to move my car coz its their parking space since its in front of their house. This really pissed me off and I did not move my car. I told them eventhough its in front of your house that does not mean its your property (rather public parking). In the end, to save face they tried to intimidate me by saying "we'll call and tow your car away". I responded to them w/ a smile "go ahead - this is a biggest joke I've heard this year" and went inside...
  • Park your car there :P
  • you can't do anything. It's not illegal. Park in front of their house if you want
  • Park in front of their house, it is a public street, if you dont get there first, to bad.
  • Say nothing,and park in front of their house.Its simple aint it!!
  • WOW, and i thought my neighbors were bad! mine are awesome compared to everything i just read...
  • Sneak out and let the air out of his tire on the drivers side so he sees it right away. He'll fear is vandals and park it in front of his house to keep an eye on it.
  • It's a public street, and you have no claim whatsoever to the parking space in front of your house. He can park wherever he wants, and there isn't anything you can do about it.
  • My neighbor does the same thing. You can't avoid trouble with people like that, since they don't care. I put my sprinkler box next to my front door and when someone parks there, I turn on the sprinklers.I wait for the water to dry and then do it again so the car gets really dirty. They still park there but I feel better by doing this. I planted some trees and am waiting for them to get taller so I can put bird seed there and hopefully that will do the trick.But now they get friends dogs to pee on the trees.Hope you can do something like that, good luck.......
  • In a light-hearted manner, I'd ask him if you have "offended" him in some way! He'll undoubtedly ask why, then I would explain the annoyance of him always parking in front of YOUR. . . .and not HIS. . . . house! In the end, however, you'll probably have to tolerate it as the street IS a "public" one which neither you nor he (or his parents) own. In small communities, concessions sometimes have to be made! Ask politely. Ask nicely! Err on being friendly! 'Cause yelling and screaming isn't going to get you anything except, maybe, busted windows! Ya know what I mean?!? ^_- !!!!!
  • To Kim: I googled 'Neighborhood Courtesy Parking' hoping to find answers to my own problem of neighbor parking in front of my house, not hers. Your situation is scary. Your neighbor sounds mentally unstable. Aren't you afraid he will retaliate once the city gets involved w/the permit issue? If he is intimidating you on your dog walks, doesn't this call for POLICE action under harassment? I like the idea of the bird feeder. It seems like common courtesy to use the available space in front of your own home first, before taking the space of a neighbors. I have been staring at a wall of cars for over ten years now, while my neighbor enjoys an open vista from her front porch and gets the benefit of curb appeal for her home. It's just RUDE!! I don't know the solution. I wish their was legal recourse.
  • Go to their house and face them. Ask them how they would feel if you did this to them? They are ignorant and don't deserve "no trouble".
  • Are there any tree limbs hanging over the spot where he parks his car? If so, install some bird feeders.
  • Nothing - it is a public roadway.
  • Legally street parking is not owned to anyone no matter how long you have lived in the neighborhood. I park in front of a neighbor's house because parking in front of mine means parking under a big tree in which the birds roost. I hate to have to wash my vehicle before I use it all the time. I do leave room for the neighbor to park because when I do is partially in front of his next door neighbor whose property is not very wide before his driveway starts. No problems with this one. The last neighbor had a teen who always parked midway and left me insufficient room. NO ONE has ever said a word to anyone about the parking in this area!!!!!!
  • Just put up a 'No Parking' sign in front of your house. +5
  • first politely ask him to move the car so you can park there, if that doesnt work then start throwing nails in the spot

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