• Don't... it's easier to get the right keys from the manufacturer. You do have the records for the key number dont you?
  • Don't. as exup25th had said earlier, Its simpler going to the dealer. Just bring along your registration, reciepts, etc. Hopefully you still have them. If not, I belive you can hire a locksmith to make a key (on older vehicles).
  • I will have to assume there is no steering lock. In that case, you can simply check online or purchase a maintenance manual for the electrical wiring diagram. You can see exactly which wires connect to which when the ignition is in the "on" position. Every vehicle whos ignition I've restored is different. There is no "connect the red to the green wire" trick here. In the case of my girlfriend's Honda 1974 MT250 Elsinore, it's the Bk/W (Ignition Coil) to the G (Ground) wire, for instance. I will have to assume you don't have the $$$ for a manual or LockSmith. My advice, go ahead and figure out a way to hotwire it by scouring the web for a diagram or sniffing around with a multimeter. Then do a test connection and see if it fires up. Once you've figured it, you can go to a boat or junkyard and look for a weather-resistant switch that you can mount under the gastank or behind a sidepanel. I personally would go to a bike junkyard and buy any ignition that comes with a key. Mount it properly and you'll have a true replacement. The key is to get voltage to the wire that goes to the ignition coil (the headlight would be nice too). Either way, it's an involved procedure. You're either going to need money to hire a pro and do it right or have time to train yourself and do it right as well. Good luck. Either way you'll end up with a colourful story.
  • Rite the easy way to do this is to get a hammer and a flat top screwdriver and stick it in the key hole hit it till the bits inside are finished now twist the screw driver and go about the ways next if al fails strip all the wires to the keyhole and then twist the all together
  • firstly remove the body work surrounding the key hole. inside you will see the casing for the lock. coming out of it will be wires leading to a connection before the wires dissaper into the bike. unclip the clip and with a piece of wire try different combinations on the wires that are going into the bike. normally there are three. each time you connect try and kick start. it will work. the next more serious problem is the steering lock. remove the plastic casing from the bottom of the lock mehanism and then prise off the bottom end. remove piece by piece until you can slide a pin across, remember to scure it with a wire or it could lock while you are driving
  • Just get a locksmith.
  • if it is your scooter i would suggest getting a motorcycle shop to install a new key assembaly, or a locksmith. Or have the dealer make a key(if you know where the scoot was bought from) if it is your scooter, then you should be worried about looks, resale value, and all the little common stuff. sence your not overly concered about the value of the scoot, then all of us here at AB, will concider it a hot bike, and if you really want to hot wire, you will do so on your own, with or with out our concerns or warnings.
  • i've got a qt-50. One time the ignition WOULDN'T shut off with the key, (the on/off on the handlebar still worked). The gauges stayed on and could be started without the key....(As long as the handlebar on/off switch was on). The handlebar on/off would never shut off the gauges though! The next day the battery had drained. I took off the front plastic of the machine to see what happened and found that a 18 gauge wire,(one of the smaller ones), had disconnected. This wire was one that came from the ignition key cylinder and was the only one with a male/female bullet connector. The bullet connector came undone! I put the male into the female of it back together and the problem was solved. The wire was grey. Look for a wire coming from the ignition switch that has a connector inline on the wire (about 5 inches from the key) and disconnect it. See if the gauges come alive. If they do then thats in....just add a switch so the battery wont die. If no connector is found, cut one of the SMALLER ignition wires till it works. (reconnecting the wire if it doesnt and try another). I KNOW THIS SOUNDS COMPLETELY FU&%ED UP but it was 100% true on mine!!! Just by plugging them back together? Whoduv thunk it!

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