• This time around it was fairly quick... After knowing each other about a month, and having dated for only a few weeks. It just seems so right, it's ridiculous. I mean, it's been only a couple of months but it feels like we've been together for ages and ages. In fact, when we met it was like we already knew each other. He or I would say something that the other couldn't have possibly known, and we would somehow be like, somehow I already knew that... I can't explain it... I'm just very very in love ^_^
  • Unlike the question about at what point to have sex in a relationship, this one is easy. The instant you think you are in love, say so. The other person may not feel the same way, and you could be hurt. Very badly, in fact, if your feelings are not reciprocated. That is the risk - but it is a risk worth taking for someone you love. However, this I know beyond doubt. I knew I was falling in love with my gf - we've been together over ten years now and have three children together, though we both decided that we don't want to be married - long before I said so. Now I regret every second that I did not tell her. That was so much time lost that I could have told her how much she means to me. When you are really in love, every second that you don't tell the other person is time wasted. The hard part is knowing your own mind - being sure you are in love. Before I met my gf I had been in a very bad relationship and I was hurting. When I met my gf she was so kind and gentle and loving and I was so happy when I was around her. However, I had been burned and I was scared to death to admit that I was in love. It was a long time before I knew my own mind. Once I did, though, I didn't wait - and all I regret now is that I waited as long as I did because every day I didn't tell her was a day I missed being able to tell her how much I love her and I'll never get that day back.
  • Probably from the beginning of when I started having relationships. When I was 16.
  • Fairly quickly. We knew almost from the beginning.

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