• Having sex is not having a romantic association with the other person. Prostitution is a very good example. There is no love or romance it is just a money association. Swinging is basically the same, sex with no love involved. Making love is when two or more people have a romantic attachment and love between all involved.
  • Making love is what a woman does while a man is having sex with her.
  • not sure, they both sound about the same
  • Eye contact
  • "Making love" involves using sex as a way to express your love for your partner, meaning, among other things, that you are concerned about being as intimate as possible with him/her and also with your partner's pleasure as well as your own. It's about the pleasurable physical expression of emotional bonds.
  • You take your boots off to make love..!
  • Like this: " 'Making love' is a euphemism employed for various reasons (some nice, some not!) to make engaging in sex seem less tawdry. Regardless of the reason used, the two terms are COMPLETELY synonymous."

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