• Hit the Delete button or Ignore them;) Good Luck;)
  • I have my ways, LMAO!!!!! :-P
  • Flag it or ignore it. They feed off of the attention that you give them. Besides, if they're not brave enough to do it from their main account and have to create an Anonymous one-day sockpuppet account to do it, it's not worth the trouble.
  • I find that many of them will go away if everyone would just ignore them. They get a rise out of unnerving people so it's probably best to give them the cold shoulder and freeze them out.
  • By asking and answering questions unrelated to the bullying. Ignoring tacky and tasteless remarks from morons who don't deserve attention, in other words.
  • Just bend over, show them the moon and continue on your way.........
  • Luckily the only cyber bullying I encounter is through DRs. I have taken the advice of wiser ABers, and turned off my ratings!
  • ... pick and click ... .
  • It's a "stick & stones" thing.
  • I cyber punch the cyber bullies in their cyber balls.
  • I typically just ignore it. Sometimes I just troll them. On an ever-so-rare occasion I enlist the company of my friend, whose odd specialty is making people feel like crap. But that's an incredibly rare occurrence.
  • I don't really do anything unless I try to diffuse with humor. Bullies make themselves look silly. They don't need my help to look sillier.
  • I avoid them like the poison they are.
  • Don't react (don't comment)... report to the staff.
  • I just ignore them and unsubscribe.:-)+
  • Cyber bllying is becoming a serious, serious problem. My suggestion is that if you or someone that you know/love is being bullied in this manner, then report them to the site that you/they are getting bullied in. Also, make a journal as to what is being said and who is saying it, and save the journal to your computer. Get as much personal information you can about the suspects, such as real names, addresses, phone numbers, etc... and then once you have a compilation, take it to your local authorities and file a complaint. Push the authorities into their responsibility and jobs, and urge them to investigate and help put a stop to this. If the suspects are making threats of violence or abuse, then save what they are saying and print it out, and take it to the police immediately. Don't waste any time. If enough people get on the bandwagon and start reporting this as seriousness, the government, city/town authorities will have no choice but to take some drastic measures/actions to stop these vial acts and prevent them from becoming any worse or going any further. I personally know a few people who have been bullied online, and have committed suicide due to it, and some who have tried to commit suicide. Cyber bullying is very serious, and needs to be treated as such, and also needs to be stopped!!
  • Although I've never encountered I think I would give random answers, send an HTML message with an iframe to a NWS page, or mock them.
  • Laugh at them and call them a douche bag.
  • hello,im dealing with a website wacko now,im on yahoo and have the yahoo beta 360,this idiot has his space and whenever i post a blog,he reads it and if he sees something he doesnt like,he hits the nasty button and bawls me out! so i fixed my blogs on the friends of friends setting only they can see my blogs and comment on them,once in a while i set things so if he wants to read my blog okay,BUT he cannot comment on it.ill bet it riles him up that he cannot belittle me.
  • Laugh at them.
  • One way to deall with cyber bullying is to ignore the DR's
  • Paying attention gives them fuel but ignoring them really gets back at them. So ignore and delete are your best weapons.

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