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  • "I'd like to see someone else that I already have on the line, so I want to put you on hold for a while. I don't want to let you go completely and reduce my options." Hey, you asked for MY defitions. Bitter? Me? nahh. lol
  • Taking a break in a relationship is a copout. Either you're in a relationship or your not. If someone used that break crap with me then they'd be gone. A relationship should be built on more than just convenience.
  • taking a break is bullshit it means you want to have sex with someone else and if it doesnt work out then you can go back with the person you were seeing...
  • Wanting to break up but not really sure what to do
  • well, so far, all five out of five of us agree that, "taking a BREAK" is doublespeak for "I want you to give me the freedom to pursue another or other relationship(s) but I want to keep you on the side, just in case I run into a dry spell." As I ponder this question some more, I think, well, there could be a few exceptions. If I were going to jail for 3 months, I might say to my sweetheart, let's take a break but I really want to reinstate our relationship then. Soldiers going to Iraq or Afghanistan might also say similar things. If the court has ordered an abusive man to go to counseling, or if s/he is in early recovery from an addiction, then s/he might say, "I need a break until I mature, grow up, or quit doing stupid things". In those kinds of cases, where the person is actually following through on those good action to improve oneself, then I might cautiously take back the first paragraph.
  • well in my own terms i would never go under these terms "taking a break" that just means your broken up basically but you could get back together just leave it as i wanna break up and then give them a second chance if it comes to it that way no one would get hurt in terms of so called cheating because thats where the gray area usually is on the term "on a break"
  • No talking or hanging out. Seeing other people, but no sex - Because that's too intimate to be doing during a "break"
  • It means your screwing someone else, but you need a safety net.
  • In my last relationship it meant to me that I didn't want to break up but i knew something wasn't working, and talking about it wasn't fixing anything, so I thought maybe some time apart would be good...i was wrong though
  • okay so being on a break means that the person just maybe wants to hold their own head above water for once. dont force it .
  • they think they can do better than you or already have (in their stupid opinion) , but just in case they are wrong (or they realize the grass wasn't greener)...still good to have you to fall back on......

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