• their mortal humans. Unless... you're a magiciane? or those... ghosts walking around the Earth.
  • It IS physically possible, but EXTREMELY unlikely. There is a VERY tiny like 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% chance that all the atoms in your hand will be perfectly offset from all the atoms in the desk and they will be able to pass through each other for a faction of a second. But, it probably has never happened in the past billion years.
  • If by this you are asking if it is possible to pass the matter that makes up a person through the matter that makes up some solid object with out disturbing that solid object, then no, it is not possible. Things form solids because the electrons in the atoms create bonds that hold the structures together. In order for something to pass through a solid, then these bonds must be broken so that the atoms of the solid can be pushed aside. Yes, it is true that atoms are mostly empty space. However, the electrons of the individual atoms move about within this empty space. Their electrical repulsion prevents other atoms from being able to slide through that empty space. So, if I am interpreting your question correctly, then what you are describing is not possible.
  • it is possiable, but our bodys would literally have to reach absolute zero, and than it if you actually did start to push through, the odds would be your chemical bond would form with that of the desk, door or w/e and thats not something you'd want
  • After a bit too much of the 'Falling down water' I have tried to walk through walls and I can tell you, the bruises say you can't :o)
  • This guy walked through a glass store front. I do not know how.
  • What are you smoking?

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