• For me it's swimming - low impact but working all the muscles in your body. I don't think it really matters what exercise you do - some obviously work different muscles and there is a whole science asbout cardiovascualr versus aerobic exercise etc. I think what matters is that you enjoy it - then it isn't a chore and you are more likely to stick with it.
  • i would say biking in the sun to a swimming pool.
  • Working out in the gym....its great exercise....don't like the smells though....worked out with a personal trainer....she worked my a-- off! I couldn't walk the following day.....biking in the sun would kill me and swimming....its great too...I'm like a fish in the water, but I like to watch the swimmers better on TV during the Olympics!
  • Biking in the sun might take it out of you more because of the heat hitting you hard but you see nice scenery also but i would have to say swimming you move all your muscles and are using them all giving your body a full workout! :)
  • I would like to bike in the sun. Regards.
  • swimming good exercise and keeps you cool
  • Indoor swimming, it is a low impact exercise, Swimming works your whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility all at the same time..
  • I prefer swimming, as it puts low resistance on every part of my body. Working out at the gym is good for working on specific parts of your body, plus I like to learn from and spend time with other people who value fitness. Biking in the sun is also good for you, but you want to be aware of the long term effects of sun on your skin. UV-A rays affect the outside of your skin, and you see the effects immediately, but UV-B effects go below the skin and show up many years after.
  • Swimming is good anytime..You can also walk in a pool, my brother had by-pass and Dr told him to walk in his pool every day that he can. I don't ride a bike.
  • Swimming is better for you but I usually walk instead. Sometimes I walk back and forth in my yard with the spreader or the mower.

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