• the best thing to do is firstly find out if its def over. if so, go out find any1 and do whatever. really does help. but dont see either person again.
  • do what the first answer said first of all and make sure its over. Get some closure if you have to. Then do the things you really enjoy. Go out with friends as much as possible and try to meet new people and stay busy. If you dont then bad thoughts will come to your head and it will kill you inside
  • Nothing nobody says will make it easier. Just break contact - its hard but the best, otherwise there will still be hope from your side...
  • My friend went through the same situation. I know her advice would be make sure you have some type of closure, end all contact, and indulge yourself in activities that you enjoy, close friends, things for yourself. It will be the hardest thing you will ever, ever have to do...but only time will ever make you feel better. I promise you there will be one day where you will just wake up and feel ok with everything.
  • Keep in mind that in the world there are many people who are "meant to be." Move on with your life, keep your eyes open, but keep in mind that if you and your ex were really "meant to be," you'll find your way back together at some point. But until then, life's too short and live it up!
  • ask yourself what you learned from that relationship. you probabaly learned some things you didn't know about yourself before. All thru our our lives we have relationships with different ppl. and we learn something from each one of them. you have learned something more and found out what you didn't like too.

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