• Because much peoples don't got no grasp of grammar.
  • I think we all have the tendency to become criminals, because criminal behaviour is just an extension of egotism that all humans have ie I want, I take. However, most people are, to some idea, moulded by society's mores, or by religious ideals, and do not push this egotism to extremes ie they do not become criminals. However, there are a small number of people who are in prisons who are just plain stupid and they got caught. I have visited prisons and met some lovely people who just got caught for either stupid behaviour or behaviour that many people on the outside have done and just not gotten caught for.
  • crime was invented by judgmental people, they have been expanding the definition with every new law and we are all criminals now!
  • I wish I knew. Some have a propensity for it. I suspect it is something in their genes, though I am unwilling to offer this as an excuse for the behavior. Some people grew up with role models being in and out of the penal system, so that explains why it tends to run in some families. Those are 2 arguments for nature versus nurture. Recently though, some experts have shown that the brains of criminals are very, very different than our own. Different parts become stimulated in the wrong circumstances or for the wrong reason. I REALLY hope this leads to a breakthrough in curing murderers, rapists and the like. I don't think anyone would choose that life if they had another choice.
  • They does it because it's a quick way to make alot of money...........What good is all that money when they find you dead at the crime scene with all that cash....
  • its probably their friends.

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