• Ew... unless she's jogging, it sounds like she has a mineral deficiency. Most people don't just pour sweat like that, even if it IS 95 degrees outside.
  • Some women have it all together, no matter what. Some women can wear a complete head to toe snow outfit and all you see is their face. Sometimes, this is all you need to see. Weather conditions have no bearing on a "10" woman. If you got it.......period.
  • Maybe she saw you and started to get nervous ;] lol A lot of guys think its hot when a girl is sweating, but not like overly sweating. I would just say that its understandable.
  • Did she just finish running or something? 'Cause that's pretty hot. Otherwise, it's a bit freaky. Not totally unattractive, but freaky.
  • Understandable and still cute.
  • If she's cute, she's cute...! Sweat can add another aspect to cuteness... yes, she'd still be hot...! ;-)

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