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  • Forget all the morality issues...........explain this wild sex thing?
  • Don't do it, I know how you feel but you have to resist. You made vows to your husband and to go and do this would ruin your marriage, think how much you'd be hurt if he cheated. You should be the one person he can trust. It broke up my family and I've never forgiven my dad. I stopped seeing him years ago. This is really hurtful stuff. Its a HUGE decision. I hope you make the right decision.
  • Well...there is nothing like doing something you will regret that you cannot undo. Always think twice...thrice if you must.
  • Seems there are at least 2 ways of looking at this. Most people would agree that it's morally correct to simply ignore your feelings and honor your husband and your marriage. No risk involved but you may go through the remainder of your life wondering how it might have been, regretting that you didn't act on your feelings. Of course, if you start a relationship with your boss, you may experience the thrill of your life. You could also risk your career and your marriage, regretting that you didn't foresee the "folly of your actions." Ultimately, I guess, you should weigh you decision upon whether or not you can live with the potential consequences of your action. Think carefully. Here's wishing you well on your decision.
  • Take a cold shower. Seriously, it will ruin your relationship with your boss, who will probibly want continued sex and your guilt will ruin your relationship with your husband. Ask yourself what are you going to do after you're laying in your bosses arms, sexually satisifed. Can you stop here? Was the orgasum worth your 14 year investment in your marrage?
  • do it you only live once

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