• Two questions for the price of one - well done. No, and NO.
  • Disagree. I can be totally happy when alone. Love most probably is hardly ever 50:50, but I would not say never.
  • I have always been a loner throughout my life. When everyone was at the party, I was up trecking in the mountains somewhere, or exploring some mysterious river. But I was always missing someone.
  • Happiness can be great by one's self, in fact I sometimes prefer it that way... There is no real way to know about the 50:50 love, but I would say that if I had to choose I agree, the chances of two people feeling the exact same thing towards each other to the exact same degree are unlikely, but I don't think it's somethinbg that can be measured - but that's being possible overly literal... Lets say that unrequited love is common...
  • Disagree on both counts. Happiness is BETTER when shared, but it is perfectly valid when you're alone. Sharing just enhances it. As for love, it should always be 50/50 if it's real, meaning 50/50 in all aspects. The best part is, with real love, 50+50= a number higher than 100. True love is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • No and total B.S. to both.

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