• No, I do not care about that... I just don't date my friend's ex's because to me that's just creepy.
  • Why, hello young Sara?, was it? Nice to meet you. My answer is "NO". I happen to be in an interacial relationship as we speak. My first two girlfriends were black. I grew up in an ethnically mixed neighborhood. Why should I think my race is in anyway superior? Yours truly, Eric PS- I like vaginas!
  • I wouldn't care one ioda...I once saw this guy flip out on his girlfriend on a reality show because she had just told him she use to date Fabio. He was all like..."How can I compete with that?" Dooood...if my wife dated Fabio Id be all over it. Tellin my friends and stuff. LOL
  • You know, until yesterday I didn't think anyone would openly admit to it. But it doesn't have any effect on me, or how I view my potential date.
  • no, because odds are i'd be involved in an interracial relationship since i know people from so many backgrounds
  • No... Who she dated before me has no bearing on how I feel about her or she me. Besides... I dated a black lady for a couple of years... I have NO problem with it.
  • no way, thats so lame theres no excuse for people who do that
  • I'm a woman & I wouldn't care who he dated but there have been 2 men that I've dated in the past that said they would not have even considered dating me if I had dated a black man. I guess women don't care as much as some men
  • My wife is Native South American so no in that regard. I don't even know the ethnicity of the guy she dated before. My only concern when we started dating was to ensure that neither of us had contracted AIDS from our previous encounters or anywhere else.
  • It wouldn't make any difference to me one way or another.
  • I have no problem with this and I think I probably did it already. I would have no problem either for dating outside of my own ethnicity myself. Since I am married, it is rather hypothetical, anyway...
  • Makes no difference at all!
  • The only issue I care about when it comes to an ex is whether they are out of the picture or not! Where they came from and what color they are doesn't really matter to me all that much..I say "all that much" because finding out someone had dated a person who fits into those categories would matter to me in that it would show me that the person I'm dating doesn't have any hang ups about that stuff...which is pretty important to me..being that I myself am probably a differentcolor/race/ethnicity than the person I'm dating!
  • no, i don't see how that would be relevant to your relationship with him...if you're going to date him, i think it'd be more important to find out if he's a cheater than the race that he's dated
  • I am not concerned about past relationships...what matters is the here and now. The only thing that would concern me is if they dated someone with HIV.
  • I'm Caucasian and am currently on-and-off dating two black and two hispanic women. So the answer is a resounding no. BTW, you have the question phrased in kind of a squirrelly way so my answer is "no, i wound not not date..." In other words yes I would date.
  • NO...Because I've dated, and married someone of a different color/race/ethnicity...And I'd do it again.
  • Personally, I think it would be a foolish idea to write someone off for that reason alone. Then again, if someone did that to me, I don't think that person is worth it anyway..
  • If I were to date, such a thing would not make any difference to me I am not a racist. Regards.
  • I wouldn't even ask that question, because it doens't matter to me.....and if someone asked me, i would run from them because they don't share the same values as i do....
  • the race of their exes has nothing to do with
  • I would probably be leery of someone who had never dated outside their ethnicity. It leads me to think that they're closed-minded and have a very narrow world view.

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