• No. Bullshit. And I would have no reason to be traveling in that country, anyway. Why would I be? Unless I was working for the media or the government for some reason (highly unlikely). I will always tell anyone curious enough to ask that I am an American. "Got a problem with that? Well, would you like to kiss an American arse? Here's your chance....."
  • I think it depends on the hostility of the country. If they're very violent towards Americans, I'd probably pretend to be from somewhere else. My mother is 100% Filipino, so I can easily pass off as a resident of the Philippines. I am proud to be an American, but I'm not strong enough to "fight for it."
  • No Way. I'm American and proud of it. I'm proud of my last name too. I would never visit a country that hates the U.S.A. anyway. The Middle East comes to most peoples minds, but I also include France as a country to avoid. They let us down at the U.N. many times by voting against us. I refuse to travel to any country that Hates Americans, or who are cowards that "lay down" and let the rest of the world take care of world problems. I'll visit England, Germany, Sweden, Spain & Italy. You will never hear of me stepping foot in France. French people don't take it personal, I just think that your government personnel is full of weak pansy leaders. This is just my honest opinion, downgrade me if you wish. love Y'all,..... yee ha!
  • Just to make things easier and safer during a trip, yeah, growing up in Montana I can be pretty convincing as a Canadian. My nickname in the Navy was "Canadian." Many people in other countries misjudge Americans by our government's policies. But as you can see by some of the answers above, many of us do the same about people of other countries. Not typically necessary to do this though. If you treat people and customs respectfully, people will be much more open minded about you and your country. Remember, if you're an American traveling overseas, you are an ambassador of this country whether you want to be or not. Put your best foot forward and show the world that we are not loud and obnoxious idiots. I'd like to point out that while I was in France, people treated me with respect and kindness. I only once ran into one person that was rude without good reason.
  • Nope! I would wear a tshirt that says, "American, and damned proud of it!" and then dare the phockers to take it off me! Mwahahahahaha!
  • i am who i am~i don't judge an individual based on their nationality or what their government does.... i can't see how that's an individual's fault; i would hope that i would be shown the same courtesy if i were a paying visitor in another country~even if they didn't agree with America's politics, etc...i only have 1 vote ya people should really learn to be nicer to each other i think :)
  • Hell no. They're the ones with a problem with it. I like being an American. You know, people from other countries can say to Americans visiting that they're rude/hated, but that's AWFULLY rude of those people to say to them, isn't it? Any country that acted like that as a whole, I probably wouldn't want to visit anyway.
  • No way. I have traveled quite extensively since graduating high school and I have never hidden my nationality. I've not always been proud of it but I never hid it. There are a lot of stereotypes about being American but I always had to let people get to know me and they would find out that not all Americans are asses. That seemed to be the general presumption.
  • no i would try to improve our image
  • Good question and I have considered it but never applied it. Chances are though, I would not be traveling there in the 1st place.
  • No, for I am but a pigrim passing through. Many don't think highly of evangelicals or of Christians, though I am not ashamed of my Jesus nor my America.
  • id wear a shirt saying THE ONLY SOLUTION! with a picture of North America (u.s and canada) with big words that say CANADA right across north america... i wish america had smart leaders like we used to so we wouldnt suck
  • Nah, no need to. What's the worst that can happen? Though, when I was in the Czech Republic, I pretended to be Eastern European so that they didn't want to rip me off. They try to, and successfully, rip off the rich foreigners - regardless of their country of origin. It was great, my friend and I paid about 1/3 of the price as my other English/French speaking friends.
  • I pretty much just assume that everywhere I go is a place that hates the US. When I went on a Caribbean cruise last fall, I put Canadian stickers on my bags. I never actually said where I was from. On the ship, there were a lot of people from countries like Germany and Sweden, and I assume that they don't like Americans very much there.
  • Sorry))))) You can't pretend to be Canadian))). It's a totally inimitable case, eh!
  • Although I am an American I have never been treated differently in other countries I think because for some reason the rest of the world doesnt seem to look as negatively on black people (as Americans) as much as they do White Americans. Personally, I think its all bogus because most americans are not jerks like some parts of the world think we are, though there are some that are.. It kind of goes like the old "dont judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few"... But of course being a black male I have never felt that type of judgement ever being passed on me by Anyone in America........... ;)
  • If I travelled in any country other than the US, I'd pretend to be Canadian. I actually told my daughter when her class went to Hungary recently, that she was to leave any shirts that had USA on them at home. I think the whole class played it that way also. Hate is everywhere and it's a shame that people who have no control over policies, get lumped in with those who do. I'm the type of person who'd apologize for hitting another car, even if it wasn't my fault. (old Canadian stereotype joke)
  • Here's the problem as I see it. If an American pretends to be Canadian when they're in another country they don't have the opportunity to change any misconceptions that the country may have about Americans. Also the really patriotic Americans who wouldn't hesitate to proclaim that thier country is the best and possibly offend others would not pretend to be Canadian so if the majority of average americans do than the internation image of americans would be that they're all overly patriotic.

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