• only if they charge the white wannabes more. I hear they got alot of those in Iowa and stuff.
  • no, but What about the people who don't wear underwear?
  • Racist? Wearing low pants is a racial trait? I thought it was a ebonic-wannabe-gangsta-douchebag thing regardless of skin color. I see lots of non-black trailer trash and non-black kids from suburban fluff that don't know how to wear their pants. I don't see how that'd be a racial issue at all. A worthless societal subculture issue, sure....but racial? No way. Racial by definition means genetic traits. There is no gene that makes someone dress and speak "gangsta".
  • Only if the race in question is "senseless idiots".
  • Are you kidding me? Where I live I see 90% of the people with pants down around their underwear to be white! It's not racist.
  • We have this law here in St. Louis. I dont see what they would call it racist????
  • I think it's racist to call it racist. There are plenty of girls out there of all races showing off their isn't just one race and to say so is stereo-typing.
  • I don't think it's racist. Another excuse for cops to bother kids? Maybe. =P
  • Only if there was an ethnic group singled out for such a fine. In other, I do not think it's racist.
  • If the law only mentions clothing then there is no race to be racist about ... only if the law actually mentions race would it be a racist law ... However, if the law enforcement people choose to only charge a certain race, then the law enforcement could be considered racist, but not the law itself. Likewise, if the courts treat any race differently, giving either more or less of a sentence, then the courts could be racist, but, again, not the law.
  • No. Here in Maine, most everybody that exhibits that sort of behavior is white. They think it looks tough, but I think of the supposed origin of the whole low pants thing and realize that: 1, the kids are numbskulls(it supposedly came from male prisoners advertising to each other for sex), and 2, the cops like it because these kids are really easy to catch when they're being chased. They've got a choice...drop what they stole and run or get caught.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with race. I do, however, think it's a dumb, dumb law and I wish I could say I was amazed that any municipality could come up with such a stupid law, but living in the U.S., sadly I cannot.

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