• to be honest...they are SO annoying !
  • I have great neighbors. Nobody is loud or rude. Sometimes they don't know how to park, but I can live with that!
  • One side is an oldish couple that are really Nosey and he other side is a youngish couple that are noisy and have more partys than you can imagine with music blairing somenights till 23/4 in morning
  • Goodhearted .....I am lucky :) !
  • I really don't think about them at all. The houses where I live are far enough apart so I don't have to make contact with them anyways! =]
  • im lucky i have nice nieghbours.
  • We have junkers (trash collectors) on one side and hood rats who hang out on their front porches all day hollering at every car that rides by on the other... I am looking to move
  • Quiet, low key, dog friendly, minds own business..... I LOVE them!!!
  • GREAT neighbors. We're good friends with pretty much all of them. We collect each others' mail and newspapers when vacations roll around, we feed pets, etc. Tomorrow night we're invited across the street for cheesecake and birthday.
  • Don't know, don't care.
  • The ones to the right of me seem to make it a point to be as unfriendly as possible. The ones to the left are very nice though.
  • I don't really know my neighbors. I only recently moved in to a new place, and I never see them. I'm sure I will see plenty of them soon though. There's only so long you can go living in an apartment building without seeing the other people who live there.
  • The couple to the south are our age. He got a divorce just after we moved in and went a little crazy for a few months, but he settled down, since remairried and we get along great. The woman to the north of us is 98 years old and starting to lose her mind a bit (she accused us of stealing her poppies to make drugs). Across the street is a great couple that we watched their daughter grow up, and she is now a lobbiest in DC. Behind us we have "naked guy" who walks around naked and he leaves his curtains open. I've talked to him, and he is harmless though.
  • OK get this, the one to my left is a family with 2 daughters, not nosy, and don't bother us. The one on the right however, is an old couple. They aren't mean or anything, but whenever I cut the grass, by the next day, the guy has cut his lawn again, no matter how short. I don't mind but it's kinda creepy.
  • dont know them
  • Quiet people and they like to have their house clean all the time.
  • awesome people,i only have two neighbors near me,but they are crackers(native Floridians)like me so we get along just great.
  • Love each one of them. VERY good neighborhood. We are like family! +5 *pinch*
  • I live in a gated upscale restricted deed community. It was full 1 year ago. At this point, due to the economy, I have no neighbors within 4 houses in any direction. I love my neighbors, because I don't have any.
  • i hate them, theyre so annoying, always talking loud in the halls, not to mention they never want to visit with me or anything, i wish i had different ones that i could make friends with and visit with
  • i dont really like them to be honest, theyre loud, unfriendly and annoying

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