• Yes. for more information.
  • It's as real as the power of will. How much will power you have does not mean that you can achieve everything, it just means that you have the will to do something, it's a matter of if you do it that counts. Another example could be the power of belief, how much do you believe in it would also mean how much it may 'happen' for you. If for example you believe in god so much, and pray night and day for something to happen, and suddenly it happens, that's because you subconsciously wanted something to happen, and perhaps even in your waking life you took action on your will, without even knowing it. So, that's basically what witches are doing. So yeah, they are true. Or as real as you want them to be.
  • well if u r one , try to to stay alive if your near mr dad! NO REALLY and u never know if they are but maybe?
  • Yes. Witches and Wiccans are real, not the broomstick sterotype but they're human as you and I.
  • Some people actually are real witches ... yes ... but some just pretend to be, or wish they were, without actually being real. In many of life's areas, you will find REAL and you will find FRAUD ... witchcraft is no different.
  • There are people who call themselves witches, yes.
  • yes they are real. they also live an almost perfect life.they get married have children,some are very can have one living in your neighbourhood and not knowing this person is a witch. before a witch dies,she hands over her power to one of her children or family member.hence witches continue on in families and it cannot be stopped. the most notorious witches are the ones that died during pregnancy.
  • I don't know. But there are some people that call themselves witches, if that's what you meant. Most mean in it "a good, helpful kind of person who recognizes the powers of folk art/craft/medicine and intuition."
  • I used to work with one.
  • Yes, I dated one. She was the daughter of Satan. =D
  • There are many Bible scriptures that warn against looking for omens and consulting practicers of magic (Lev 19:26, 20:27, Deu 18:10-14). Practicers of magic were already in existence when God gave his people the laws.

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