• i dunno, maybe because its a whole other world?
  • We tend to become addicted to anything that provides gratifying stimulation for the mind. For some people its TV, for others its sex, for many, its the Internet. Strictly speaking, "addiction" isn't quite the right word. If you ever have to deal with real addictions like drugs and alcohol, it becomes clear that there's a big difference between somebody who surfs the 'Net a lot and somebody whose life has been destroyed by drugs. But the basic cycle is actually quite similar: there is a craving, then an intention forms to satisfy the craving, then action takes place, which produces gratification, which reinforces the predisposition that produced the craving, etc. Its a cycle which self-reinforces into an automated behavior pattern.
  • answerbag is why I'm addicted(:
  • To make a long story short, for entertainment. And the biggest reason, ANSWERBAG!
  • because answerbag can't be found in a magazine actually, people are addicted to what they can find pleasure or entertainment from, which the itnernet can provide for many. some people arne't very social, but through the internet they can stay in contract with many people it's easy to do, easily accessible, and helps people forget about normal day things as they can spend hours on websites, looking, reasding, talking, watching
  • 1. Sex 2. Don't have a life.
  • There's so much more things to do on the computer than what they have in life.
  • As has been stated by a few others, it sometimes can serve as a replacement for the life they wish they had. If you do enough legwork, you can be someone entirely different from who you really are. And that is rather gratifying sometimes. That is one of the things that makes the Internet very dangerous, for various reasons. I think that the Internet can also be a source of hours of mindless entertainment...much like the television. Though both can be highly portable, the internet is moreso. You can't just plug a cable TV in at a coffee shop.
  • To be honest, there are nearly as many answers to this question as there are users of the Internet... Let's look at a prime example for a moment here...I'm almost 50 years old and for myself, I find much of my time on the internet researching data of all types, for myself as well as others...In truth, I don't find myself any differient than I was say 40+ years ago...I have always had a burning desire to learn new things... Now, when we look at it as it is sometimes called, as the Information Super-Highway, we start to see why so many of us spend so much time on it... Let's say we both have the same info to research for whatever reason...Now, put yourself at any traditional library doing it the old fashioned way and me in front of a computer connected to the internet...Before you can find what books you might look in for the answer and cross your fingers in hopes it's not checked out by someone else...I simply type the question into any browser and BOOM, I have the resulting answer and also a chance to verify such from many sources and I can even play music and make as much noise as I wish while doing The truth is, almost anything can be used or mis-used...WE choose as to which it may be... This is an answer that could go on and on and into many directions, but I'll just leave it at that... (OH), in addition...The book you are looking for was written in what year??? Whereas the data vie the 'Net is extremely up to date...
  • For social intereaction. Finding similar people as ourselves. We can go out in the public and to the bar and meet people, but using the net tends to be safer for shyer people and they can be imaginary in some aspects. The source of information at your fingertips attracts even the least internet savvy person also.
  • I'm tempted to think many, and many are undiagnosed. Things like MMO addiction you hear about fairly frequently, too.
  • maybe it's the only entertainment they have.

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