• It may be ick, a fungus that grows on certain fish. If it is ick, then they're dead in the water. (so to speak). Or it may just be odly coloured scales.
  • Yea I agree with the above answer- Whatever you do don't touch them. You may not believe me but ick is contagious and although you won't get sick and die- your skin will not thank you. I heard of someone who touched their fish not knowing that their fish had ick and they touched their face and their face started peeling and ugh it was really gross.
  • I never heard of Black ick, i've only heard of white ick.
  • I say the spots are ammonia burns. Sometimes the black means that it is actually healing. They usually go away after a while; just keep the ammonia level down.
  • your fish are about to die, you need to clean the water, take the fish out and clean everything that is in the tank with boiling water, and then fill it back up, with room temp. water, and let sit for two hours, then add fish back in. you might also want o transer your fish from about three bowls of clean water, to wash them off a little bit, i didnt take this into cinsideration when m,y fish had these spots, and they all died, you also might have too many fish in the tank, as well its one fish for every three gallons of water

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