• Yes you can. If the floor is level with no bumps. Just put the floor grout directly on the vinyl, the tiles will be fine. Also if you want to change them in the future it will be a lot easier to do so as you can remove the tiles a lot easier by removing the lino as well so you are back to bare floor. You can put ceramic tiles on wood floors the same way, just make sure you have floor lining paper down first. I know both work i have done it in the kitchen on vinyl and in the bathroom on floorboards with no problems at all.
  • I am not sure of the condition of your vinyl flooring but I would just take the time to remove the vinyl before installing the ceramic tile. Prepping the area is a key step. Check out this site for tips on installing ceramic tile.
  • Vinyl flooring will not adhere to ceramic tile. it might last a few months. The problem is not the ceramic tile, but rather what is under the vinyl and the floor. I would not take this chance, if you are looking for a permanent bond. Remove the vinyl, sand the floor and start from scratch. You will have peace of mind, knowing you did the right thing.

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