• I wouldn't presume to understand the situation of every nail-biter, but a lot of people do it when they're nervous. My sisters both assure me that they do it out of nervousness. Some people bite their nails, others are relentless foot-tappers, some go on to be smokers (although there physical addiction combines with the psychological elements). I imagine that once the habit is ingrained, you might start to engage in it unconsciously, even if you aren't aware of being nervous about a specific thing.
  • I'm not a nail bitter but I tend to be a foot tapper. Actually I'm always fidgeting in some way or another. It doesn't really have a lot to do with being nervous in my case. I just tend to be bored and aquired several weird habits. Most of the time it is unconscious.
  • I am a thirteen-year old, so I would know. I pick my nails and bite my fingernails, and I guess I just do it because I get bored and want something to do. This is something very common that kids just do to get entertained.
  • They probably see another person, like their parents or teacher biting their fingernails, or twirling their hair, or whatever, so they think that it's ok to do.

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