• Generally it's best to forgive others their mistakes, for our own good, but there's no "should" about it. And forgiving someone doesn't wipe the slate clean. When my sister begged to borrow a special pair of earrings and then managed to lose one, I forgave her, but I never trusted her with my things again. Your ex may forgive you, but that's no guarantee that the two of you can get back together. The real issue is that before we worry about others forgiving us our mistakes, we have to learn how to forgive ourselves. Someone else forgiving you isn't the same. You still have to live with you and feel good about yourself, which will in turn make your relationships with others better. So start with truly forgiving yourself, and then you'll be in a better position to accept your ex's decision, whatever it is.
  • Drunk is never an excuse. However you were split up and missing your ex, but even that is no excuse. Trust is the most important factor in sustaining a healthy relationship, followed by honesty. By you being honest, this shows remorse and that you genuinely care about him. What you did was wrong, if he decides not to take you back, understand. It takes a long time to rebuild trust once it's broken. You have to prove to him that you can be trusted and that you really do care for him and no one else.
  • When you lose a relationship you lose many things. Intimacy, trust, your best friend, the one you turn to when you want to talk about anything, all that stuff. Finding an opportunity to have sex with someone new is a fairly common attempt at having some of that intimacy back. The problem is, it doesn't really work when it doesn't come with a relationship. Its the relationship that counts, not the sex. So, there's no need to beat up on yourself for having sex while your relationship was ended. Does your ex want you back? What does he say about whether he wants you or doesn't? If you don't know, you really need to talk about this with him. Maybe he'll forgive you and understand what went on, or maybe he'll be hurt by it and turn away. There is no should or should not. His feelings are his feelings. The only thing he should do is follow what his feelings tell him. Sorry, that's probably not the answer you were looking for.
  • There's nothing to forgive, you were not together, so no intimacy issues were broken or crossed. Being drunk is not a reason or an excuse, you were horny and or lonely and wanted to be with someone, nothing wrong with that. Why would you tell him? Did you tell him of all your other sexual adventures before you two were together? The more pressing issues are with your ex. Who broke up with who? Why did you two split?
  • There is nothing to forgive. You weren't dating your ex when you slept with this other guy, so he has no legitimate claims on your time.
  • if you were split up, this should not be a problem...........take care.....Brian....
  • Yeah but now he's gonna hold it over your head. You were broken up so you shouldn't have told him.
  • why do people feel they have to confess their sins. makes no sense to me.
  • You were split up. There should really be nothing to forgive. And he should know this, just as you should. You were NOT a couple at the time... No committed relationship. Even so, there's no "SHOULD" in forgiveness... It either happens or not. For him, though, it may be a matter of who broke up with whom and why. If he broke up with you, no matter why, he will probably need to forgive himself. If you did the breaking up, he may feel that you did so so you could do what you did, no matter whether that was the reason or not. It would also be difficult for him to accept you back, simply because you DID break up with him (if this was the case). All you can do as far as getting him back is try. If it doesn't happen, don't blame yourself (unless you originally broke up with him - Even then, you must have had a reason, if you did... Remember that reason.) Oh... And this being in "Intoxicated CHEATING". If you were broken up, there was no cheating. Good luck.
  • Why would you sleep with someone you have no feelings for unless you were trying to make your x jealous? Stay sober if that what it takes to stay out of bed with someone you don't care about.
  • let's just agree that you weren't broken up and you really weren't that drunk. You wanted a D in the V and you went out and got one.
  • 8-13-2017 When you split with someone, you should always do so with a lot of shouting and insults. That way you both know it's over, with no chance of restarting it. A broken relationship remains broken forever.
  • I got drunk and screwed someone else, but I want you back. Really? No, he shouldn't forgive you. Live with the decisions that you make and the consequences of them.

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