• Uh... make them leave Iraq and stop killing people?
  • Check out for a list of non-profit organizations that support our military. Then you can select the type of activity that best suits your level of interest, or donate to one of them. The best thing to do, though, is work with people in your community. Check at your church, for example, to see who has a loved one who is deployed and ask if you may send him or her a care package or card or letter. Then reach out and send the servicemember something and thank him or her for the service they are providing our Country. And, when you see a servicemember when you are out and about, stop and shake their hand and say thanks! If a neighbor has a yellow ribbon tied on their tree or porch, or a service flag hanging in their window, then stop and inquire whether they need help with yardwork or other similar tasks. Too often when people want to help our troops they forget about the military families who also sacrifice much and could use a hand. The deployed soldier who finds out someone helped his wife or mom will be very grateful.
  • Vote out the Democrats who try at every turn to undermine them and their mission.

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