• are you working? do you have steady income? can you just pay the interest and a couple dollars toward the principal? the court will appoint a lawyer for you. ask for a lower interest rate and show what your income is, and show that you can make the payments regularly and on time. you could leave the country and return in seven years. except the credit card people will just sell your data , their claim, to a private detective and he will track you down when you return. the thing is if you cant make a payment one month, it is important to send in something, five dollars. something to let them know you are still alive.
  • Why did they double your interest?
  • Part of the story is missing here. Usually (but not always), an interest rate is doubled after default of payments. If that happens and payments continue not being made, the account is put into collections. Rarely does a person go to court over credit card debt. Were you contacted by collections? Did you try to work out a payment plan with the credit card company? If, in fact, you are being summoned to court, consult with an attorney. It's usually free of charge and he or she can give you the best advice.
  • Could very well be legaleese trying to make you think they're suing. Do you have a court date? Were you served? details missing.
  • Did the CCD company inform you?

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