• Yes, once. I was eight years old, and I stepped on the grass where I was not supposed to. Still, I thought it was outrageous. It was 40 years ago.
  • fifth grade teacher used to bring my friends and i in everyday at lunch and give us three licks with the paddle....when we would ask what it was for he would say "if you haven't already done something to deserve it you probably will" lmao
  • My debate coach used to smack me on the back of the head on a regular basis.
  • I'd be damned if that ever happened. The most that ever happened to me was a teacher called me stupid a few times. Well what do you expect, I was 7 or 8. EXTREMELY rude and unnecessary on her part.
  • Accidently. LOL. My art teacher was waving a paintbrush at me when she was trying to make a point, and it flew out of her hand and got me right in thr forhead. LOL. It hurt. I still have a tiny scar from that... ~+~
  • I was never hit by a teacher, but on one occasion I got in trouble and was asked to step to her desk, but I was walking there too slow, so she powered walked towards me, grabbed my arm underneath the shoulder and basically dragged me to her desk.
  • Twelve years of catholic school. Nuns teaching many of the classes. What do you think? I've had my share a rulers on the hands, slap to the back of the head, etc.
  • i was slamed into the wall by a teacher. thrown down 2 flights of steps by a teacher. my hair pulled and paddled by the princapal. one princapal had even threatened to do me harm out side of school
  • Back in the day it was not uncommon to be spanked using a wooden paddle with hole bored into it to resist air,so the paddle could be swung harder. This was not done in private, but in front of the entire class while you were made to grab your ankles and take your swats. Your parents were then called and when you got home chances were you get another from dear old dad. I got spanked once that was plenty enough for me to not act up and disrupt the class. I never seen a child get spanked more than once. Perhaps this was extreme and brutal but I feel it got the point across that following the rules was demanded and breaking the rules would not go unpunished.
  • I was paddled once in 1st grade back in mid 60s. Mrs Hamner. I never got it again!
  • ... not in regular school, NO ... but in martial arts classes, YES, often ...
  • yes. In Fiji, you still get hit with the board duster and ruler.
  • I was hit/beat by many teachers in so many times during my school time.(Specially from grade 3 to grade 8). They used cane, ruler, hand, stick to beat me & I was beaten on my hands,back, buttocks,cheeks & shoulders during that time
  • once... because I was writing in cursive for the handwriting class instead of printing... (First Grade)
  • That was a regular happening during my school 'daze'.
  • No never I use to walk around as if I was god! lol So they wouldnt dare! :P
  • In 10th grade Bio,we had a pro football player(3years with the Saints)(mostly there as a coach) and he had firing squads of chalkboard erasures, thrown by students after every class. The near misses were worse that the direct hits, the chalk dust clouds were nasty. ('69-'70) Catholic High School

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