• i coudlnt tell ya.. but if your all of those quilaties you sound very awesome! i love those about a guy personally.. and if your friends treat you like shit there not worth your time.. you should just be very greatful to knwo that you probbely have a very lovely girlfriend whos inlove with you and loved you for who YOU ARE and other people opinions about you shouldnt matter
  • My g/f adores me and we love eachother very much. However I need friends as a balance. There is somthing about my personality that turns off everybody that I meet. I stayed away at college for the first time last semester, and everyone that I met including roommates all treated me with the least respect out of everybody. I was never invited to anything or treated as a friend except for when somebody needed somthing. I spend alot of time on the computer as I'm a big video game player. I use to be 350lbs, and am now 190lbs but I still feel just as self concious as I did when I was fat. Now that I'm in my home town back from school for the summer my 2 friends that I hung out with that didn't go to college hang out together at his apartment almost every night. I tell them to give me a call when they are going to get together, but they never do. They never bother to call me when they are making plans, or call me at all. When I do get to go hang out at my friends apartment, I usually have a good time. For example just last week I talked to one of my friends and told him to call me when he was going over to the apartment. Then I called my other friend (the one that lives in the apartment) and told him to give me a call when everyone was hangin out. He was all like "Yeah definatly dude!" Anyway, the two of them ended up getting together that night and hanging out, neither of them thinking to call or even text me, and I sat at home and played on the computer. That SUCKS. The next day, I saw my other friend for a few and he was telling me about hanging out at the apartment the other night totally not even caring that I had told them to give me a call. I know I'm writing a novel here but I'm just trying to give an example of how I feel and the situation I'm dealing with. While I'm off from school I'm working about 55 hours a week, and I would love to get to go out and attempt to socialize when I'm finally not busy. There just must be somthing about me that turns people off because I get this type of treatment and degree of respect from EVERYBODY, except for my girlfriend.
  • cause youre around the wrong people, was wondering if youre on yahoo answers, i answered the same question there
  • Sad to say, but a lot of people simply don't like anyone who looks "different." Maybe your girlfriend knows other couples who would double-date. Try meeting people someplace new - the same old places don't seem to be working out for you.

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