• Die Hard, Reservoir Dogs, Enter The Dragon, Ong Bak Thai Warrior (Tony Jaa is the best) , and Debbie does AB... :), no, Last man Standing (Bruce Willis) Team America World Police ( puppets ) And ummm, wait, how many?
  • Citizen Kane Gone With the Wind To Kill a Mockingbird No Country for Old Men American Beauty Just my opinion
  • Oh, off the top of my head, I'd say: Citizen Kane Birth of a Nation The Battleship Potemkin Casablanca Singin' in the Rain I'd also nominate (all from 1939) Ninotchka, Stagecoach, and The Wizard of Oz, but primarily for sentimental reasons. lol
  • Deep Throat Brazil Blade Runner Cronos Conan The Barbarian (or Conquest)
  • Indiana Jones (i count all the movies as one lol) Gone with the Wind V for Vendetta 300 and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Persona Rashomon The Third Man Children of Men Videodrome
  • Hancock, The King of California, 123 yo ho ho, merry Christmas, either i have got a Japanese homeless woman in my closet or my house is haunted, you will have to come here to film the next three movies, you cant miss this.
  • Das Boot (war movie) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (western) Caddyshack (comedy) The Blues Brothers (musical) The Abyss (Sci-fi kinda)
  • Casablanca White Heat The Ten Commandments Star Wars (the original three) Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • I won't say any of the classics, even though being serious about film certainly involves going way back and working the way forward. I'll choose some modern films that have really set a new standard for excellent motion pictures. 1. Memento 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind 3. The Usual Suspects 4. Million Dollar Baby 5. American Beauty This was made spontaneously as they came to me, and in particular order, if you agree... I'd be happy to discuss more movies with you, INA!
  • Godfather Godfather II Airplane The Usual Suspects Citizen Cane
  • You've gotten some great answers so I'll add these to your list. The Sheik (George Melford) Cleopatra (Cecil B. DeMille) Ben Hur (William Wyler) North By Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Stephen Spielburg)
  • 1. Psycho 2. Taxi Driver 3. The Great Escape 4. Breakfast at Tiffanys 5. A Christmas Story
  • 1. Godfather and Godfather 2 2. Raging bull 3. Hoosiers 4. American Beauty 5. The green Mile I really liked the green Mile, also i would suggest An Amnyvill horror. I dont know if i spelled that right, but its a good movie
  • Gone With The Wind Casablanca The Godfather Psycho Citizen Kane
  • New York New York My Fair Lady American in Paris Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 2001: A Space Odyssey Matrix (Thought I'd throw that one in for lagniappe)
  • "Lord of the Rings" "Dances With Wolves" "The King & I" "Fiddler On the Roof" "Old Man and the Sea"
  • RAMBO (any of them) Rocky (any of them) Indiana Jones (any) Godfather (any) Scarface
  • The LOTR Trilogy The Back to The Future Trilogy The Star Wars Double Trilogy Titanic Spiderman Trilogy

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