• After My Fathewr died some 6 yrs ago, It took a long , long time before I even had a dream about Him. It bothered Me , because I am very sensitive to these thinge and often dream, and "see" other friends loved ones in my dreams and relay the dream to them , and find out , that the Dream was an actuality...Recently I discovered that My father and I were at Peace when he Passed, So there was really nothing to Relay...after about 3 yrs he comes to my dreams now, but nothing Life changing just old memories and Hello!
  • Usually - although sometimes it is a trigger that I need to do something or make a difficult decision and its their way of giving me a prod in the right direction - but it is comforting, yes ;0)
  • No, not really. The dreams that I've had about my father, have either been reliving his death, or his funeral, or his illness over again. Then occasionally there are the ones where he is alive and well, but then I wake up, and realize it was all a dream, and I get upset again. The dreams have been fewer and farther between, lately, but the anniversary of his death, is at the end of this month, and also Father's day is coming up. Thats usually when my dreams of him are triggered.
  • Yes I do. I actually love dreaming about my mother and my guy friend. I guess it gives me a chance to see them again. It's been 4 years since my mother passed and almost a year for my guy friend. When I lay down @ night I almost can't wait to get to sleep so that i can see them again. They never say anything in the dream, they will usally wave hello or bye and sometimes they even hug me, but they never say anything which is okay, because It feels good just seeing them again.

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