• My Grandpappy told me, "Never argue with a child, a drunk or a fool." If I see that I'm up against one of those three, I end the discussion, but I don't consider it losing.
  • Depends how much I've had to drink :) I usually start out all right, if my argument actually makes sense, but eventually get flustered - but not if its a good day when i'm on the ball. I don't usually lose, but don't really win either. On the interenet is different as i have time to properly think about my response and make sure i don't blurt stuff out. Then it just ends up stalemate... but if i'm wrong i'll admit defeat and give up.
  • If I know I'm right I'll argue til the end, usually if I have any doubts I won't open my mouth but for the most part I'd argue it until I win.
  • depending on the topic i can argue my point's when the other person starts making stupid points that i become flustered because i realize that no matter what i say, it's not going to change their mind, and so i find a way to settle it
  • I argue The point if there is a point to argue. Pointing out a number of points. My point being....At a certain point they become flustered and lose...! There is no Point. Pointing at You. I get my point across pointedly., with my score of points I remain on Point. Catch my Point? Eidolon 08

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