• Actually I did for a few years bc I hated when guys would ask me out. Because it felt that people only liked me for my looks. So I would dress messy..but what helped the most was things I would say. It felt great to instanly turn off people by key choice of words. But now that I am in college I just be real, idk and take the chance. Most guys are more mature...MOST.
  • No, as attention hugry as females are I find that hard to believe. I think it's all the about the type of people they want to meet or maybe just personal style. Who knows??
  • Eh, no, but I don't try hard to look pretty either.
  • I see that it's not totally out of the realm of possibility but highly unlikely. Not shaving and gaudy piercings may be whats hot right now.......and most women are mature enough to let you know that you're icky............
  • well first off. some people like those face piercrings i dont but people in my school do. yeah i bet you some people do. but others are just being reall. i did for a while and i found out trying does take you a far way but if your yourself and try a little you'll find someone who will make you really happy !
  • i know I do ! i look like a jedi dyke !
  • Maybe, I'm sure anything is possible.
  • I don't try to make myself unattractive, sometimes i just don't care what others think! What kind of facial piercings are you calling gaudy? I have a facial piercing and I think its quite attractive! Check out my pics! I have a link posted in my profile!
  • i have made myself quite unappealing with 60 extra lbs.
  • some girls. I've heard that girls that are violently raped sometimes gain a lot of weight (maybe not knowing why at the time) because they feel that would decrease their chance of being raped again. It's very heartbreaking to hear.
  • Yes, I did for a while, I even wore a wedding band. I still shaved, and I dont want piercings.
  • Sure; I also think some men make themselves unattractive by growing a mustache or getting stupid haircuts. People are motivated to alter their appearance by many different factors. I think, in general, people get facial piercings because they like the look of them. A woman not shaving her legs is often more of a social statement or an issue of what makes her comfortable. Our society's views about what makes a woman "attractive" force a majority perception on women of what we are supposed to look like that is not often the most comfortable thing for each and every woman. The fact that men expect us to shave our legs can be annoying, troublesome, and darn inconvenient. When a man doesn't shave the things he traditionally shaves, society at large will not wonder if he is secretly avoiding becoming involved with a woman, yet when a woman chooses not to shave her legs it is assumed she is too troubled for a relationship. Why can we not accept that she simply doesn't want to shave her legs?
  • I don't think that girls are purposely making themselves unattractive to avoid guys. Some are attractive to not shaving and facial piercings and piercings and tattos in other places. It takes all kinds to make a world. They can all be attractive, it depends on how they carry themselves.

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