• When i was 10 years old, a year younger girl was madly in love with me. she followed me home from school. she came into my house and sang songs to me. she was a friend and nothing more. She was a hopeless romantic.
  • As advice, I point to the possibility that a "hopeless romantic" can be also said to have: "Given up on loving a real live person", other than the "hopeless romantic".
  • Broadly, it could mean who stubbornly believes in a hope or dream or fantasy ... in this sense, it may or may not have anything whatsoever to do with romantic love. As for love, it could mean -- positively or negatively -- that you refuse to give up on the idea of the perfect soulmate somewhere out there in the world.
  • Read "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. That is exactly how I would define a hopeless romantic.
  • I know this post is old but I believe that a hopeless romantic is someone that believes that fairy tales can come true and that there is a happy ending in life. Just someone thats optimistic could also be called a hopeless romantic cos they are looking up at what is good. thats kinda what a hopeless romantic does.
  • Only wanting perfection. You want your relationships to be like they are in the movies, and are disappointed when life just isn't that fair.
  • What I believe a hopeless romantic is, is someone who is in love with true love. They believe in the perfect soulmate. A hopeless romantic wants someone who will put his arm around her, who will grab her waist and play with her hair and text her goodnight or call her just to tell her goodnight, to tell her she is beautiful, not sexy, but beautiful. Who, even when she looks like crap, will tell her she looks beautiful and means it, who's eyes soften when she walks through the door. That's what I believe a hopeless romantic is. I hope this is a good definition, it's long, but I believe it is a very good one. :) <33333
  • Someone who no matter how many times their heart gets broken they still believe in the concept of "happily ever after" with that one special person.
  • James Gatz (aka Jay, Gatsby, etc) in The Great Gatsby is a hopeless romantic. He doesn't care about anything or anyone other than the object of his affection . . . Daisy. It's actually not the wisest idea to be a hopeless romantic... well, not in that situation anyway.
  • comming from a hopeless romantic guy, to be a hopeless romantic person is not something you snap into over night, it could take many years of trial and error to heart stabbing events that lead to the stubbon attitude to always feel that you need to be in love and not alone. the day dreaming of one day getting married on the beach to the exact details of the sand and water inbetween each others toes while they interlock eachothers hands as they kiss, what a lovely moment! its fairy tale Fantasy of the crush or person you told that you loved the most that you feel perfect with, its more than a hopeless feeling. its a way of showing love and happyness as puppet in this cruel Slavery of a responsible life. when your with that one person then its called your in love.
  • believing in the happy ending. always, no matter what.

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