• That kind of man is called a twist in my opinion.. but you did not ask for opinions, did you?
    • Linda Joy
      Opinions are fine. Did you flag the other question? About women? It disappeared! They don't usually disappear that fast! It was an older one, too! Its been around for at least 6 mos to a year and only had one other answer than the one I just posted! I'm thinking it was someone else that flagged it though. I have company, I'll check back later. Have a blessed day!
    • Ice man
      Is this what you're looking for, there Rocky ? They must have used the wrong colored flags while having a blessed day. Eh? (lol) ...
    • Cry me a River
      I see who is getting the last and not least laugh, there Eh? Haha!
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, I just saw it! Thanks! It only changed position. I was telling Mona to have a blessed day, just something like saying good bye. Although I don't know what flag color has to do with anything. And the question is much older than I thought!! Like old AB old!! Its just the answer that was 6 mos to a year old. You need glasses as well, Mona.
    • Cry me a River
      Saying goodbye is NOT getting the last laugh
    • Cry me a River
      Wow that last post is a real HUMDINGER.
    • Linda Joy
      Evidently we're not done yet, And I"m still laughing! Question is - where are you? hahahahaha!
  • Anything more than one a time.
  • More than one in a day or 2 in a week.
  • You may be the only one "considering" who might be a slut. Isn't that pretty much 1960s mentality?
    • Linda Joy
      Actually it followed the question how many men does a woman have to sleep with to be considered a slut. So evidently not!
  • Its a shame to call a woman or a man a slut for enjoying the pleasures of sex with an intimate partner. It never mattered to me when I am attracted to a woman, how many men she was with. Guys seem to get away with being promiscuous. I say it's nobody's business but theirs (man or woman) how sexually active they are while single.
  • I don't slut around, and that is NOT my baby! :P
    • Linda Joy
  • A man is only considered a SLUT (sport luxury utility truck) if he if capable of being driven off road, has a towing capacity at least twice his size, and has a design that prioritizes comfort over speed and handling.
    • Archie Bunker
      With cool accessories
  • too rnany

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