• The official reason given was filing a false report. The charges were dropped because they were not true. I did spend a night in the hoos'gow, though.
  • That was a few years ago. My step sister and I always tormented our street, by hooting and screeching and generally being a nuisance. One day a household couldn't take it anymore, so they called the police. The cops drove by our house but didn't see us (we were hiding behind some shrubbery.) So they drove to the very religious family who tattled(called) on us and I guess they spoke to them for a while. We were good after that. xD
  • Our phone system has been dialing 911 randomly. Scared the heck out of us when it did that at 2 in the morning. The cops pounded on our door and it took me the rest of the night to get my heartbeat back to normal.
  • I'm sorry but I can't divulge that imformation because the statute of limitations has not yet run out ;-)
  • I have tractor trailers which sometimes are mistaken for scary lawn ornaments by my neighbors. Nothing beats a city code enforcement ticket
  • LMAO...last time the cops were called on me was by my ex. His reason for calling them was, get this....I found letters from the girl he was cheating on me with and I wouldn't give them back!
  • Committing Phytophilia. But the tree was asking for it.
  • I was about to rip my ex wife's then new boyfriend's head off for treating my kid like shit all because he spilled a little food on the back seat of his precious piece of shit car.

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