• Of course it bleeds, it's a blood test. Imagine someone stabbing you with a pin when you weren't expecting it, it stings slightly for about 10 seconds then stops. (I'm assuming it's similar to the test they do when you go to give blood)
  • IT feels like someone poking you in the finger with a sharp pencil. It's really not that painful. Your finger has to bleed so that you can check your blood suger.
  • It bleeds a tiny drop of blood, and stops in 5 seconds. It doesnt hurt, and leaves a small scar after several times.
  • it bleeds such a tiny amount that sometimes they may need to gently squeeze the area to get any, it doesnt hurt like bball-luver said its like a sharp pencil, its makes you jump more than hurt as it is so quick and you are waiting for it, dont worry ive had it done a few times
  • Is this test better or more accurate than the urine one?
  • Sometimes it hurts alittle and sometimes it don't I usually have to mash on it a couple of times to get some blood to come out.
  • It does hurt at first, but if this is something you have to do often, it won't take long and you will prick it, get the blood, and test it without even thinking about it. It takes some practice, but you eventually learn what number you will need to prick it at to get just the right amount of blood.
  • It's uncomfortable. The good news is that you can now use a test device that allows you to take the blood from the top of your forearm, which is far less sensitive. You can barely feel it if at all. Be sure to ask for one of those testers.

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