• I know this may sound lame, but it's the absolute truth, it works and I wish I had known when I was younger. This works if you are young or at least haven't strapped yourself with two legged responsibilities yet, and even then you might still be able to do it: Is there something you already have fun doing? Do it! And research how to make money at it. Find people who already make money at it and ask them how. Guess what they'll tell you? You guessed it! Like the Nike commercial used to say: JUST DO IT! That's what they'll tell you. Listen to them! Don't doubt it or yourself. I did. Now it would require a great scarifice from my family for me to do what I love, and I can't ask them to do it. (long story) Keep telling yourself you CAN and do not listen to anyone that tells you you shouldn't or can't. JUST DO IT! Are you still sitting there? Get off your duff and get started! Now! Still here? Unless you are trying to figure out a way to make money at Answerbag, your in trouble already. Get off the computer and DO IT! BTW: I DO love working on the computer, and plan to return to college this coming January to get my degree in website design and mangement. So this IS somewhat of a research project for me. (thought you were going to catch me at being a hippocrit didn't ya?)
  • If your luck is right and you were born either in july or december, try gambling. its a blast and winning is possible.....big bucks. But remember, your luck has to be right.
  • Become a freelance game designer. Heck, I'm having a blast just SUBMITTING my games! (I've already submitted two to Steve Jackson Games.) NOTES ------------------------------------------------------- Nov 16 06 I see I have the drive-by raters after me again. And again, I must say that I did answer the question, so I don't know what the problem is. Sure, my answer may not be true for everyone, but it definitely is for me!
  • It depends what you like to do- probablysingle most reliable way is to consider some of the things you like doing and get a job doing one or more of them: Write yourself a list of things that make you happy- could be anything from "helping people" to "collecting teaspoons". Now try and think of some potential careers that might involve either these exact things, or some very similar things- try to have a wide range of associations- if you enjoy collecting something and looking after your collection maybe work as a museum curator would interest you. If you need some help you could go down to your local careers centre/ library and ask for a chat with one of the advisors who might have some suggestions. Next step is to find out what you need to get into that career- in terms of qualifications and experience, and start working on it. Remember experience can be gained through voluntary work as well as paid positions. And do it. If on the other hand you're looking more to make a bit of money "on the side" some of the following suggestions may appeal: -busking, if you play music or sing. Make sure you check local laws regarding street entertainment before you start. - Pavement art (see above) - making something and selling it (cakes are always good) -entering competitions and prize draws (try for a list of current UK competitions)Don't pay to enter anything, and set up a seperate e-mail address cos you'll get a lot of spam. - Apply to be an extra in film or TV, or to be a catalogue or promotions model -Babysitting (if you like kids) -Housesitting for your neighbours during the holidays - Do you have a talent? (Dancing, drawing, playing an instrument, wine-tasting, speaking a foreign language?)Could you set up workshops in your library or community centre and teach other people how to do it for a fee?
  • You can that is way it is called WORK. lol
  • I don't mean to use Answerbag liek this, here is my way of making money and having fun at the same time.
  • Become a clown
  • Prostitution?

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