• A lot of black girls just love guys, regardless of color. I don't think you have to act like a "wigger" or "prep". Just be yourself and I'm pretty sure thats what they like =^D
  • Im sorry,didn't mean to be, i just feel more attractive to black women than white, but i'll date whoever
  • i think it depends on the girl. personally i like all white guys as long as they're cool and good. dont act like anything just be your self and some awesome black girl will come along eventually. but dont be fake, if you're not anything than dont act like anything, just do you. although i get the question cuz now im like, hey im a black girl so what do white guys like in black girls... but i guess thats another question for another time... good! luck! with your search
  • My guy is white..but to me, he's just the one I love. Everyone has a certain kind of person that they may prefer. Whether their black, white, short, tall, fat, skinny, etc. just be yourself and go for what you want. But keep love and respect in your search and you will find her. We are all just but, men and women. I hope you find that special someone your looking for, good luck.
  • Boy, the fact is then many of the sistahs, basically maybe 25% would consider dating a white guy and much less actually do it. Its your biz and you can do what you what you want. You may be better off dating white women while they last ;)
  • I know everybody always say be yourself. Its really true. A black girl would know (we kind of can pick it up) when u trying to be something that u not. Don't look at t.v & say I can dress like that to get a black girl. Trust me it wouldn't work. I'm a black girl & I love a white guy that is himself. I guess cause its different from what I'm use to. As long as its not tight fitted jeans(leave that to us girls) u should be ok
  • I do, kinda rockerish, nice outgoing/quiet, funny/serious down to earth non preppy guy.
  • i don't like wiggerish type guys, if that's the chosen word. i like the rocker/biker type. preps are oh to an extent.
  • i'm not sure if i like neither "preppy or wigger", but i do like someone who has respect for everyone doesn't try to fit in a certain croud. if he's just himself than thats attractive to me! ;)
  • be yourself.
  • What's it take to convince people that each and every human being has his or her own likes or dislikes...without getting into a lot of complicated details of no importance?!? If you happen to have a particular girl in mind, and you would like to cultivate a possible friendship/relationship, explore her preferences and determine whether or not such are compatible with your own. In turn, she will do the same. The remainder of your life should be so based. Easy!
  • i hate preppy dudes and i cant stand wiggers im a new yorker and i see no colour I like punk/skaterboy types i find piercings and tattoos super sexy
  • uhm, im a black girl and i like some white boys, depending on there personality. if they act to good for a black girl(which sometimes i see happening) than thats like a HUGE turn off. but to more exact to your question, just be yourself around girls, no matter what race..and youll be okay. :)
  • Stereotype much?
  • just be yourself babe :)
  • yo need to have strong gun my son.
  • Girls, black or white; will like you based on how you treat them; not what you wear, or the look you have...for the most part. My son is 19 years old and I did notice when he was in high school black girls seemed to like him more than the other cultures. Why, I have no idea. He didn't act like anything but himself. However, he has a great personality; he's funny, kind and, actually treats people the way they treat him. They did make a lot of comments about his blue eyes and that they thought he was cute; but I really think they wouldn't have liked him even if they thought he was cute if he wasn't kind and respectful.
  • What is a wigger?
  • Well, I'm a black girl and I love white boys and i think you should dress like you. you have your own style, if you ask me i want a white boy that dresses like the average white boy not a wigger! I hope my advice helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • we like you to just be you and not pretend to be something that your not, i hate white guys that act black if i wanted that i would date a black guy, just be you and dont be afraid to approach us we do like white guys even if it seems like we dont.

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