• I don't know any trolls, never learned how to recognize them, so I answer all or most questions that I feel I can contribute to.
  • I will avoid their questions and answers like the Bubonic plague !! Period !!!!!
  • The ones I know to be trolls (especially the ones who've slithered over from Yahoo Answers) always seem to ask rather biased/bigoted questions...most of which are offensive enough that they need to be flagged and reported. They don't ask many. And the worst of them have multiple accounts/names. I answer some, but not all. Most I'm familiar with tend to answer/comment more than ask...and are just as offensive/abusive doing that.
  • I guess I don't hang out with the right people..there are "known" trolls here? Who are they? :)
  • I don't know any trolls :| I shall go a troll searching...
  • Yes. I take it that you are referring to the questions that ask for an opinion where you receive a negative rating because your answer or comment didn't match someone's personal viewpoint or philosophy.
  • You bet Djabouti I do. If I am ignoring them, I am ignoring their questions as well.
  • I don't really pay attention to finding known trolls. There are couple of users I stay away from because they either minused my answers for no reason or responded inappropriately to a question or comment I had/made. They get no points from me, neither + or -.
  • I do avoid them. Not because I can't deal with the down-ratings but to me they are like a stray dog. if you feed them they keep coming back around stave them and maybe they will go back to yahoo answers.
  • Meh, no. But I do tend to stay away from most religious discussions and debates as so far that's where I find the most crap issuing from, and downrating is the least of the unpleasantness. Maybe I'm the problem there too though, but it only happens there, so...*Shrugs.* And also, I really don't know who's a troll or not, so it's hard to avoid them. XD
  • I don`t discriminate. If it`s a good question and I feel I have a pertinent answer, then I give it.
  • I don't even know who the Trolls are, so sure, I'll answer questions.
  • Absolutely, yes. Those who have shown repeatedly that they are incapable of playing well with others are not worthy of my time. Their loss.....I'm AWESOME:)
  • I don't know who's a troll and who's not. I just answeer questions. BTW: People from all over DR questions/answers (I don't), if they have a problem with someone, the question in general, the answer, etc. This DOES NOT make them trolls. Trolls will hit GOOD questions and answers (and just because it's your's or a friend's doesn't make it good), sometimes they will stalk certain people (so will those who are pissed at someone, exhibiting troll behavior, but that doesn't mean THEY are a troll), but usually the just hit and run. Now a stalker can be anyone who has a problem with the questioner or answer. They will attack almost any question or answer given by the stalkee, even if they are good and valid. Sometimes they will not DR, but will attack in the comment threads. In all cases, their "points" are to 1) Show their displeasure, 2) piss the attackee off enough that THEY attack back and get PBed or leave, or 3) cause commotion, in general. In other words, trolls and stalkers aren't your normal ABers. If they are known, they will most-likely be warned, and if they continue, they will be PBed. If, when they get out of PB, they continue, they will be PBed for longer. If they STILL continue, after that, the CAN be PBed for life (or until 2035, whichever comes first). (PB means Penalty Box - see my profile for more on that.)
  • I rarely look at who asked a question. I answer what ever questions I feel like. When I'm bored I go to friends questions, becouse I like to answer them after a few days to give them a second shot at the front page. And I look at any new friend requests question history before making a decision on accept or reject as friend.
  • I realle don't look at who asked the question. I have come here to have some fun and I won't stop just because a troll ask something. :P
  • I don't know who the trolls are, so I guess i'll answer their questions.
  • nope, I always look for a challenge.
  • No, but I will NOT answer the questions that I know will get Trolled, nor will I answer the questions that are a set up....You live, and learn.
  • Yes, there are situations that I avoid at AB.
  • Usually not. I don't know who asked the question when I click on one that interests me. I'm more likely to not decide to answer if I know it's a person that just asks and asks and asks with no regard to reading the answers and/or giving points so you at least know they came by to see what people wrote. So I guess I hate point farmers much worse than trolls. But then if I think it's a good question that does the website a benefit, I'll still answer it as I really am all about either helping people or helping to make this website a better place. So, I'm not about to stop what I'm about to write and check their ratings before I give an answer. I do know a few people who indulge in trolling, and not just people with low ratings, but even people with very high ratings that rate so often that they can get away with a run of trolling others and it won't show up to much on their ratings. And I know some people that have low ratings just because they don't know any better than to give points, only to take them away a few times. I don't think they are trolls just because of that. They are not baiting people to get attention. And that is what a true troll does.

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