• If you're 50, then you must remember a similiar thing happening in the late 70s. I sure do. I'm not worried in the least. When watching a NASCAR race, the lead car racing under green for a time will have to give up the lead and make a pit stop. After all is said and done, and all other cars pit, you most likely will be back in the lead. I look at this as an economic pit stop, and the lead will be taken soon enough again, and it'll be faster and stronger then before said stop.
  • The rising prices for consumer goods has gotten me a little depressed. It's all I hear about in the news. I have no problem finding ways to save money, but my daughter doesn't understand. She wants to buy more things and waste money on fast food and items that are not necessary. I was watching CNN this morning and an analyst claimed that gas prices could hit $6.50 a gallon before they stop rising.
  • Yes, it has me very worried and nervous too. It looks as though one of my branches is closing too. They are protesting the fact that a Fire Station in my city will close down. Even though you have more then one of something like a building. People still rely on them because they are so close to them!
  • yes i am very worried also, my husband works for allied systems in atlanta, which is the car hauling business he is a disel mechanic, he drives to work one way 66 miles, all the truck drivers went on stike and my husband has been layed off since april, we don't know if he'll ever get that job back. We went from making 4,500 dollars a month to 1,280 on unemployeement we are not doing so well now, bills are not getting paid and i'm not sure how much longer we can stay where we are, it's going to get worse before it gets better, i keep telling myself that we are not the only ones, there are alot of people without jobs , and the jobs that are hiring are not paying enough to to help us afford the cost of living rise. I wish you lots of luck and maybe someones watching over us, god bless all of us...
  • I do not worry, we are living in the last days. All these things are the fulfillment of prophecy.

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