• That would depend upon the terms of the trust agreement. You need to read it, and if it's at all complex, you need a lawyer to interpret it for you.
  • well all i know, is that i got 7,000 dollars when i was 11 years old becos i was in a car wreck. and that the money was only touchable by me, and i could go to the court with my birth certificate when i turned 18 and get the money. but if im emancipated, can i have it now?
  • Probably not. It would also be a mistake to see that money as being able to sustain you for longer then two to three months. It would be like buying a motor boat to get to an island about 50 miles off shore then running out of gas after about 5 miles out to sea.
  • you might be able to , ask your parents about it

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